[POPULER GLOBAL] NASA Makes Oxygen on Mars

KOMPAS.com – Most popular articles on global channels Kompas.com on Thursday (22/4/2021) is about robots NASA which succeeds in making oxygen in Mars.

The six-wheeled Perseverance robot that explores the Red Planet has succeeded in making oxygen from a number of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of Mars.

Meanwhile in India the Covid-19 pandemic is getting worse, with daily new cases reaching more than 300,000.

This figure is the highest increase in daily cases in the world, since the corona virus outbreak hit the world in December 2019.

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Both news items include a series of articles global popular of Kompas.com throughout Thursday (22/4/2021) to Friday (23/4/2021). Here’s the summary.

1. History is created, NASA robots successfully make oxygen on Mars

NASA’s six-wheeled Perseverance robot has successfully converted some of the carbon dioxide from the Martian atmosphere into oxygen.

This is the first time this has been done on another planet, NASA said on Wednesday (21/4/2021).

“This is the first important step in converting carbon dioxide to oxygen on Mars,” said Jim Reuter, associate administrator for NASA’s space technology mission directorate. AFP.

How do NASA robots produce oxygen on Mars and how long does that oxygen last? The answer you can see here.

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2. Covid-19 in India Increasingly serious, exceeding 300,000 cases in a day

India recorded the new highest daily figure in the pandemic, by reporting 314,835 Covid-19 cases a day on Thursday (22/4/2021).


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