Popular on Netflix: “The Blacklist” and “365 Days” lead in the current top 10


The fact that Netflix publishes lists of the most viewed series and films is a first step towards greater transparency – although there were previously lists of currently popular content, such as the composition, it was completely unclear. Both nine lists are also rankings, but only reveal how individual titles perform relative to each other. It remains unknown how often individual films or series are actually viewed – accurate statements about the success and failure of individual titles can therefore only be made to a limited extent using the top 10 lists. In this regard, Netflix generally keeps a low profile and only publishes figures for selected titles – the series “The Witcher”, for example, was seen by around 72 million people.

For undecided Netflix users, the rankings are still a good first point of contact to discover new content that is currently extremely popular. In times when the number of new Netflix titles has become almost unmanageable, the lists are a welcome addition.

As seen, Netflix evaluates a film or a series if a user has switched on for at least two minutes. The hurdle used to be much more difficult to reach: until the end of 2019, viewers were only counted from a runtime of 70 percent.

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