Pope calls on Putin to stop violence and death in Ukraine / Article

The head of the Catholic Church made a similar appeal after Putin recently announced a partial mobilization in the country, illegally announced the annexation of the occupied territories of Ukraine and threatened not to hesitate to use nuclear weapons.

Francis, addressing the faithful in St. Peter’s Square, said that his words were mainly addressed to Putin.

“What will happen next? How much blood must be shed to understand that war is never a solution, only destruction? In the name of God and humanity (..), I ask once again for an immediate ceasefire”, Francis declared .

It deeply regrets the deterioration of the situation in recent days caused by “further actions contrary to international principles”, noting that it raises concerns about uncontrollable and catastrophic consequences worldwide.

The Pope also invited Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy to remain open to serious peace proposals.

“After seven months of war, we will use all diplomatic means, even those that may not have been used until now, to end this terrible tragedy. War itself is a mistake and a horror!” said the pope.

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