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– Political Demands and Controversies in Norway: A Full Overview

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– The last straw must be Norwegian (Dagbladet Børsen)
– Norway must be the last country in the world to turn off the oil tap, demands a new LO heavyweight who sees the light of day today. The Norwegian petroleum sector, here represented by the oil platform Oseberg Øst, must be the last in the world to shut down, demands the new LO confederation IE & FLT, confederation leader Frode Alfheim. The list of requirements when the LO confederations Industri Energi and FLT (Confederation for Management and Technology) merge today, is polished and not to be mistaken. Other requirements are full speed with power development and a crystal clear yes to the EEA agreement. – We can see that there will be some political battles. But the fact that Norway has to be the last country in the world to wind down petroleum production should be a simple matter for the current government, believes confederation leader Frode Alfheim. The sea

Sylvi asks Erna to turn around new pandemic powers: − Ignoring democracy (VG)
FRP leader Sylvi Listhaug accuses the Conservative Party and the government parties of introducing new pandemic powers that could set the Storting aside in a crisis situation. She asks Erna Solberg (H) to turn around. If Ap, SP and Høyre vote for the change in the law, they will have a majority in the Storting when the matter is decided on Tuesday. – The way it was handled last time during the corona pandemic, it worked well. The Storting quickly made decisions when there was a need and gave exceptions and authorizations to the government for a limited period, says Listhaug, who believes the change in the law is a disregard for democracy. The sea

The Labor Party plunges in Lofoten after the hospital riot: – Extreme results (NRK)
Only one in ten Lofoten residents would vote for the Labor Party, a new opinion poll shows. On Tuesday, Minister of Health Ingvild Kjerkol (Ap) will visit the hospital threatened with closure. The sea

Ap hard hit by hospital riots: Kjerkol on his way to Lofoten (VG)
The hospital row in Nordland is hitting Ap hard. On Tuesday, Health Minister Ingvild Kjerkol (Ap) will visit Lofoten Hospital. There she will be met by Lofoten weathermen with torches and headlamps. The sea

Red asks Aasland to answer the Storting about Danish power cables (NTB)
Red in the Storting will on Tuesday demand new answers from Oil and Energy Minister Terje Aasland (Ap) about the renewal of the power cables to Denmark, which will become obsolete in 2026. Aasland’s previous answers related to the two transmission cables SK1 and 2 that run between Norway and Denmark, have not received Rødt’s member of the Energy Committee at the Storting, Sofie Marhaug, to take it easy. read more

Denmark says yes to night trains – missing a response from Norway (NRK)
The Minister of Transport must be on the field, demands SV. They want the night train between Oslo and Copenhagen back quickly. – The Danish Minister of Transport has given the Norwegian a thumbs-up, says Mona Fagerås. She is spokesperson for transport policy in SV. The sea

FRP top Terje Søvikne’s nectar to pay back million salary (NRK)
Framsteg party leader Terje Søviknes’s many political favors are causing uproar in his home county. The million salary for Søviknes will come up this week in Vestland County Council. There, Raudt will change the regulations for financial compensation to county politicians. The goal is to make it impossible for politicians to accept more allowances, as Søviknes does: As mayor of Bjørnafjorden, the FRP politician has a salary of NOK 1.1 million. In addition, he receives NOK 847,000 for being the FRP’s group leader in the county council, combined with sitting on the county committee. As a member of the board of the Municipal Sector’s interest organization (KS), he receives NOK 214,000. As deputy leader of the Frp, he earns NOK 150,000 a year. In total, Søviknes thus receives over NOK 2.4 million a year. The sea

Pollestad’s competence in Noah cases to be assessed (Nationen)
The Ministry of Justice’s legal department will assess the competence of Agriculture Minister Geir Pollestad (Sp) in matters concerning support for the animal protection organization Noah. The sea

Get out of the pandemic fog! (Alfred Bjørlo (V), parliamentary representative) (VG)
Høyre, Ap and Sp have agreed to create new pandemic powers for future governments. It is a blow below the belt against the Storting as the highest elected body, and a serious encroachment on people’s freedom. The proposal should be rejected – and there is still time. The sea

The corona brain must be switched off (Terje Tvedt, professor and author) (Aftenposten)
Our two largest parties are in favor of an amendment to the Infection Control Act which will give future governments almost blank authority to shut down the country without parliamentary control. The sea

Don’t rush through more intrusive laws (leader, Aftenposten)
If the government is to gain more power in a pandemic, it should be done in a more thorough way than now. The sea

I think mandatory labeling can help Silje (33) and other parents of young children – the government says no (NRK)
Norwegian children and young people have environmental toxins in their bodies. But the politicians disagree about what is needed to improve the situation. The sea

NSM uses outdated framework to deal with cyber attacks (DN)
NSM’s national framework for handling cyber incidents has not been updated for six years, even though FFI already determined three years ago that it was “inadequate”, “misleading” and “not comprehensive”. Last autumn, the Ministry of Justice and Emergency Preparedness and NSM received a warning from the National Audit Office for not having updated the framework since 2017. According to the plan, the framework was to be revised every two years. But the national framework, which is to be used in Norway’s handling of major cyber incidents and provide the necessary tools and coordination ability, was also not updated following the National Audit Office’s remarks, writes DN. The newspaper has requested access to a number of documents, but was refused by the Ministry of Justice and Emergency Management. The sea

Warning letter shows dissatisfaction with the NSM management (NRK)
Overspending that led to controversial savings measures and a warning letter from union representatives. Among the employees, there has been dissatisfaction in NSM for a long time, sources inform NRK. The sea

Trust in loans (Frithjof Jacobsen, DN)
The NSM chief had to leave for the day. What happens to Minister of Justice Emilie Enger Mehl (Sp)? The sea

The Storting will delete illegal NSM loans (VG)
The Conservative Party and SV secure a majority so that Minister of Justice Emilie Enger Mehl (Sp) can cancel the loan that the National Security Authority NSM has taken out from the farm owner at Fornebu – and which the government believes is illegal under the constitution. The sea

The Storting will pay off the illegal loan to NSM – hasty, says law professor (NRK)
The majority in the Storting says that the Minister of Justice can pay off the illegal loan to NSM. Law professors are not convinced that it is necessary. The sea

Finance professor: – I don’t understand the argument from Mehl (Nettavisen)
Reacting to Mehl’s explanation about the illegal loan agreement. read more

The management of Helse Midt-Norge will not postpone the Health Platform (Adresseavisen)
The management of Helse Midt-Norge recommends that the board should override the wishes of its own hospitals – and will continue the introduction of the Health Platform. read more

The Norwegian Confederation of Industry and Energy and the Confederation of Management and Technology have merged (NTB)
The LO confederations Industri Energi and the Confederation of Management and Technology (FLT) have now joined forces to form a very new industry and management confederation. The new union will have around 80,000 members. read more

Right in the gray: − A price to pay (VG)
Bård Ludvig Thorheim (H) has thrown away his tie and pulled out a couple of stones. His message is simple: More mining in Norway – and fast! The sea

– She throws her own employees under the bus (Aftenposten)
School staff believe that director of education Marte Gerhardsen is giving them responsibility for the violence in the school. The sea

Climate summit in overtime (NRK)
No agreement in place by the official deadline The UN climate summit Cop28 continues in overtime after no agreement was reached by the official deadline on Tuesday morning. The sea

Norway dissatisfied with draft of climate summit (NTB)
The draft presented at the climate summit in Dubai is a long way from what Norway wants, according to climate minister Andreas Bjelland Eriksen (Ap). read more

– Fossil phasing out is like a death sentence (Finansavisen)
A new draft decision at the climate summit in Dubai does not mention the phasing out of fossil energy, after strong pressure from Saudi Arabia. The draft, which nearly 200 countries must agree on, instead mentions a number of measures countries “can” take to become net emission-free by 2050. Among other things, mention is made of reducing “consumption and production of fossil fuels in a fair and orderly manner”. The Kuwaiti COP28 delegate Yehya Naji Al-Hadban believes that any fossil phase-out must be done “rationally and logically.” – The term “phasing out” is a decision on the lines of a death sentence, he said according to the Financial Times on Sunday, and pointed to demand for oil from developing countries which “turns the tables” to place the blame for climate change on oil-producing countries. The sea

Change in the climate negotiations shocks: – This is a U-turn (E24)
The climate negotiations in Dubai have taken an abrupt turn. The majority of the countries want to agree to phase out oil and gas, but on Monday it was completely removed from the text of the agreement. The sea

Climate naïves make climate cuts more difficult (Brage Baklien, consultant at Hill+Knowlton) (Finansavisen)
It may seem that climate naïves don’t really care about the climate, but just want to make life as difficult as possible for people. Climate naïves are against nuclear power which could replace dirty coal power, against fish farming which has a significantly lower carbon footprint than the alternatives, against self-financing wind turbines on land, and against the Norwegian oil industry which drives the development of renewable energy. Many climate naïves are also against cost-effective climate measures such as fertilizing the forests. Support for cutting emissions in Norway will not be increased by astronomical energy prices, a weak krone, increased taxes on electric cars and nurses who will soon not be able to afford a single home. The world needs more energy, and then we cannot be naive. The sea

Stoltenberg pleads with the US and the EU for continued financial support for Ukraine: – It is a fateful time (DN)
If President Joe Biden and the EU do not get new billions approved for Ukraine, NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg warns that it will be “fatal and a big victory for Putin”. The sea

Zelenskyj: Argument over Ukraine aid is Putin’s dream scenario (NTB)
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy says that the dispute over the support for Ukraine is the dream scenario of Russian President Vladimir Putin. read more

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