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Polish U17 National Team Alcohol Scandal: FIFA’s Decision Revealed

The scandal surrounding the Polish U17 national team continues to echo. Four players of the team preparing for the World Championships in Indonesia were caught drinking alcohol. All players were kicked out of the training camp. Therefore, there was a problem of a significantly reduced team available to Marcin Włodarski for the tournament. The Gol24.pl portal has determined what decision FIFA will make regarding supplementing the squad and appointing other players.

In recent months, the Polish U17 national team has been something to be proud of. In this year’s Euro, the team reached the semi-finals, losing only to Germany, the later winners of the tournament. Moreover, the team presents very pleasing to the eye and, above all, effective football, the kind that fans expect. Therefore, expectations were high before the world championships.

They were because now it is difficult to predict how the “alcohol scandal” involving Oskar Tomczyk and Filip Wolski from Lech Poznań, Jan Łabędzki from ŁKS Łódź and Filip Rózga from Cracovia will affect the team.

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Alcohol scandal in the Polish U17 national team. Unofficially: FIFA has made a decision

The mentioned national team players were caught by the coaching staff drinking alcohol. During the night, the staff realized that four players were not at the hotel. Drunk players were found in one of the Balinese bars, and one of them was so drunk that he damaged his eyebrow. The reaction to this offense was strong. All four were kicked out of the national team and sent home. However, this created a new problem.

The expulsion of four players from the team left coach Marcin Włodarski with only 17 players, including only 14 from the field. As a result, the federation sent a request to FIFA to consent to the replacement of the four players. To negotiate this possibility, high-ranking PZPN employees, led by Cezary Kulesza, flew to Indonesia. The chances of FIFA’s approval were assessed as “small”, according to the latest reports from the portal Gol24.pl confirm that the international federation will almost certainly not agree to any concession for the PZPN.

The source says that only one player will be able to be called up to the World Cup on an emergency basis. Reason? The regulations do not allow replacing a registered player at this stage of preparation for the tournament or during it for non-medical reasons. And there was only one such case in our team (the above-mentioned cut eyebrow). Behind the scenes it is said that FIFA will not make any concessions in order not to create a precedent in which the national teams, in the case of a poor performance of one of the players, will invent a disciplinary penalty for him in order to replace him with someone in better condition.

The Polish U17 national team will play their first match at the world championships on Saturday, November 11. On this day, at 10:00 a.m. Polish time, they will face Japan. Then, in the group phase, it will face Senegal (November 14) and Argentina (November 17).

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