‘Police reopen investigation into murder Amsterdammer Pieter Hoovers and his wife’

The investigation into the murder of Pieter Hoovers and his fold Tae in 2017 is resumed. This reports the Telegraph. According to the newspaper, the Amsterdam criminal investigation department wants to reopen the investigation in response to new information about the possible originator of the murder.

It would be information that crime reporter John van den Heuvel in Thailand, where Hoovers and his wife lived, managed to gain from conversations with several informants. Van den Heuvel transferred this information, which would lead to new insights about a possible client who until now had not been identified as a suspect, to the Amsterdam police, he writes.

Hoovers was well known in the Amsterdam music and martial arts scene. He founded the record label Outland Records, among others. In the 1990s he traveled to Thailand where he met his wife Tae and opened a business in the seaside town of Pattaya.

In the summer of 2017 they were briefly back in Amsterdam. They were found dead in a house on Ceintuurbaan at the end of July. The police conducted an extensive investigation, awarded 20,000 euros for the golden tip and gave in the spring of 2018 images free of the suspected murderer. None of this yielded anything. The hope is that this new information will lead to a breakthrough in research.

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