Police get rudeness and insults at Kansas fast food restaurant

A policeman went to pick up his coffee at a McDonald’s in Kansas and when he left he realized that the cup was rude and the word “pig,” authorities said.

The policeman was victim of the offense on Saturday at McDonald’s in Junction City, near Fort Riley, police chief Brian Hornaday said in a message posted on Facebook.

McDonald’s staff offered the agent a free lunch but Hornaday wrote that “a Big Mac with fries is not enough compensation.” He explained that the officer does not know the employee who wrote the insult.

“This type of behavior has been, is and always will be inappropriate,” Hornaday wrote.

In a message on Facebook, the Junction City police department said “upset about what happened” but said that this is not the attitude of the majority of the inhabitants towards law enforcement agencies.

The department in Geary County, where Junction City is located, said the police chief and some of his subordinates will go to McDonald’s on Monday and order coffees.

“We do not know everything that happened and we are sorry to see that this has happened in our community,” says the message on Facebook. “However, we at the Geary County Police Department believe that this was an isolated incident and we are confident that McDonald’s management will take action on the matter.”

The McDonald’s press department has not responded to AP messages asking for comments.


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