Police capture two alleged cell phone looters in Retalhuleu

Police from the Retalhuleu police station captured two alleged members of a gang of cell phone looters, who offered the devices through a Facebook page.

The capture was made in the parking lot of a gas station, located at kilometer 180.5, route to Cito Zarco, jurisdiction of San Martín Zapotitlán.

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The detainees were identified as Jhonny “N”, 26 years old, and Adonías “N”, 20 years old, who arrived aboard a motorcycle, selling a cell phone that they stole the same day.

As established, these subjects are alleged members of a gang that on December 4 stole approximately 45 high-end cell phones from four businesses in Pueblo Nuevo, Suchitepéquez, with an approximate value of Q.300,000.

“The detainees were selling cell phones in the parking lot of the gas station when they were detected by the police.” This is what Angel Vargas, commissioner of the PNC from Retalhuleu.

“Upon inspection, it was found that the cell phone had been reported stolen.”Vargas added.

In addition, the detainees offered the cell phones through a Facebook page, and the delivery was done in person.

“The investigation continues to find the whereabouts of the other members of the band”Vargas said.

Thieves use social networks to sell illicit goods

The use of social networks to sell stolen cell phones is an increasingly common practice in Guatemala.

Thieves take advantage of the anonymity provided by social networks to offer devices at very low prices. This makes them attractive to buyers.

In the case of those detained in Retalhuleu, they offered cell phones through a Facebook page, with prices ranging between Q.1,000 and Q.5,000.

The authorities recommend that cell phone buyers online be cautious and verify the origin of the device before making the purchase.

“In addition, it is recommended to verify the IMEI number of the cell phone, to ensure that it does not have a theft report,” Garcia added.

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