Polestar comes with a new electric car

The electric car brand Polestar will put the concept car Precept into production. This is confirmed by top manager Thomas Ingenlath to DN on the phone from China, where the car will now be shown to the public. The car, which was originally to make its debut during the canceled Geneva show in March, is an electric luxury sedan that will blend into a rather exclusive segment. Ingenlath has clear ideas about which cars it will compete with:

– Partly Tesla Model S, but if you are really looking for a car of that size and sportiness, then definitely Porsche Panamera comes to mind, even if it is not electric yet. I’m pretty sure Porsche will have an electric car in that category as well. It will probably be the competitors, says Ingenlath.

Will not be the fastest

Tesla recently announced that the Model S will be “the world‘s fastest production car ever”, when they launch a Plaid variant of it. Polestar will not take up the competition there.

– Let them build the fastest car ever. Our Precept, with the engine we develop for it, will be more than enough. Electric cars are so powerful and I do not think tithes are relevant to our customers. I think it is much more interesting how the car is constructed, what kind of technology is behind it and how efficient it is. And of course how it runs. As you may have experienced with Polestar 1 and 2, we have high ambitions that the car is not only fast straight ahead, but also the experience when you chase it around turns on the country roads. We emphasize that, says Ingenlath.

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Following the response from the public, Polestar has now decided to put this car into production.

Following the response from the public, Polestar has now decided to put this car into production. (Photo: Polestar)

No performance, battery size or acceleration is revealed about the new car. On the other hand, it stands out with the missing rear window, which is replaced by a camera that shows everything that happens behind the car.

Unusual materials

Inside, it is made of various sustainable materials such as recycled plastic bottles, recycled fishing nets and recycled cork vinyl.

– What is the most important thing you bring from the concept car?

– Well, definitely the idea of ​​incorporating sustainable thinking into the interior materials. We really want to take what we have shown with the concept car into production. It is not easy, because we place high demands on the car. It’s easier to do it with a sports shoe or a fashion product from Prada than to do it in a car. But we still have time before we go into production, so we will see what we can achieve, says Ingenlath.

It has not yet been said when the production of the model will start, nor what it will be called. Prior to this, the Polestar 3 electric SUV is scheduled to hit the market in 2022. If this fourth model is named Polestar 4, it will hardly give the highest odds.

Polestar 2 problems

Since the deliveries started in earnest in August, Polestar 2 has had great success in Norway with over 1100 delivered cars. As more people have got their cars, some childhood diseases have also appeared. Among other things, several have experienced having to be picked up by tow truck because there are problems with charging the 12-volt battery. This is something Ingenlath confirms, and assures that the company is working on.

– We troubleshoot as quickly and well as we can, and we definitely try to help these customers as quickly as we can. It would be naive to think that there were no problems, with a brand new car with a lot of new technology. We have daily rounds where we work to solve these problems that people experience, says Ingenlath and points out that Polestar is on its way to finding a solution.

The new model will be produced at a new factory to be built in China. The goal is for the plant to be carbon neutral and one of the most intelligent production facilities in the world.(Terms)Copyright Dagens Næringsliv AS and / or our suppliers. We would like you to share our cases using a link, which leads directly to our pages. Copying or other form of use of all or part of the content, can only take place with written permission or as permitted by law. For additional terms look here.

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