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Polakis to Pierrakakis: “You are a servant of the ideologies of neoliberalism” – 2024-02-27 19:25:58

A frontal attack on the Minister of Education was launched by Pavlos Polakisdescribing it as sad “to see people who served in the area of ​​PASOK have taken over the neoliberal “passage” of private universities”.

“You are a servant of the ideologies of neoliberalism” he said to Kyriakos Pierrakakisemphasizing that through the bill the government wants to control social mobility and that “children do not need to go out for two years to come with a transfer afterwards”.

He therefore concluded that the majority do not want children from lower social classes “to get where they can get”. In addition, the EPEKE coordinator of the official opposition decided that the minister is bringing this particular bill because of the “deal with the college heads”.

“You pushed there a lot of “clientele” with two moves” he said and cited both the abolition of post-secondary education by Niki Kerameos and the establishment of the Minimum Admission Base (MBA).

He added that one of the reasons that this regulation is being promoted is the underground agreement of Megaros Maximos with CVC, in which the prime minister’s daughter worked.

“Private individuals do not educate, they keep the knowledge for themselves in order to cheat” he clarified and concluded by predicting that the bill will “fall” in the courts, but also “from the struggle of the people who with the virtue of their minds manage to enter the public universities”.

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