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Playlist: the top 10 amazing, absurd, or cult covers

The exercise of recovery is delicate. When interpreting someone else’s song, it can be difficult to find the right tone.

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Some manage it … others less. Here is a selection of covers to take in the first or second degree. And there are others, do not hesitate to make them known.

1. Brigitte – My Benz

A sizzling revival of the classic NTM that launched the duo’s career.

2. Céline Dion and Anastacia – You Shook me all night long

Céline Dion and AC / CD, an impossible love …

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3. Philippe Katerine – Papayou

Resume Carlos, you had to dare …

4. Clara Luciani – Djadja

“There is no way Clara”.


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5. Paul Anka – Smells like teen spirit

Nirvana in jazz version, do you want it?

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