Pippo Franco, from success to oblivion: how is he today

Pippo Franco is one of the best-known characters who has left an indelible mark on the history of the Italian entertainment world. Many will remember the song I miss the pee dad since 1979.

Fans got worried because he no longer appeared in front of the cameras if not sporadically in some television broadcasts as a guest. What is happening? Is there something that torments man? Let’s find out all the details.

Pippo Franco – Youtube.it

Born in Rome on September 2, 1940, Pippo Franco is an all-round artist: Italian actor, singer, comedian, TV host, screenwriter, playwright and recorder. Emblem of the Italian comedy, he was one of the leading cabaret artists of the 70s on the small screen. He has devoted himself to music, cinema, television, theater and has also written books.

The Fool in the House, Thoughts for a Living. Itinerary of inner evolution And Death doesn’t exist. My life beyond the boundaries of lifehere are the titles of his texts that have met with great success.

Everyone remembers him most for the company’s shows The bagfounded in Rome in September 1965 by Pierfrancesco Pingitore And Mario Castellaccio. Lately he disappeared from the small screen and many wonder what happened to him. Here’s what’s happening to the emerging face of the Italian entertainment world.

A moment of high tension for Pippo Franco

In July, the news concerning his hospitalization at the Gemelli Polyclinic in Rome circulated after probably having a transient ischemic attack. At first no one knew how he was doing within the hospital walls, but luckily the silence didn’t last long. His health conditions have improved over time, but regardless of everything he must always be careful and never let his guard down.

A shot by Pippo Franco - Youbee.it
A shot by Pippo Franco – Youtube.it

Today he is fine, as he is dedicating himself to something else in his daily life. Among the various curiosities related to Pippo Franco, we recall the one in which he ran as a candidate in view of the 2006 political elections. More specifically, he ran with the House of Liberty for the Senate in the list of Christian democracy for the autonomy of the Lazio district. Due to the few votes he was not elected.

He is also testimonial of the voluntary association dei Angels of the city since 2009. In the cinema I have had the opportunity to work with important directors, such as Aldo Grimaldi, Sergio Martino, Salvatore Samperi, Bruno Corbucci and many more.

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