Stefano Tacconi, the anger of his son Andrea: “Bad and envious”.

Stefano Tacconi –

Stefano Tacconi, the anger of his son Andrea: “Bad and envious”. It happened just now. The former Juventus goalkeeper is struggling with the rehabilitation process

Seven months have passed since that cursed April 23, the day when the life of Stefano Tacconi and his entire family has changed forever. A moment, a single dramatic moment risked wiping out a happy existence full of great satisfactions, both professional and emotional.

Tacconi fight
Stefano Tacconi –

The very serious cerebral hemorrhage that seems fatal, the desperate rush to the hospital, the prayers of his wife and children and the hours of anguish in the hope that the irreparable will not happen. And then, after days of very hard fight against death, the heart that finally reopens to hope, with the first comforting news arriving from the hospital in Alexandria.

Stefano Tacconihospitalized for days in the intensive care unit of the neurosurgery department, he thus managed to overcome the critical phase by winning the first, fundamental battle, the one for life. From that moment, however, the most difficult part of the journey began, the very hard rehabilitation in an ad hoc structure that has not yet finished.

Stefano Tacconi, his son Andrea keeps in touch with friends and fans

In these seven long months he was and still is the son Andrea, the eldest son of the former goalkeeper Juventusto maintain contact with the outside world by keeping relatives, friends and fans informed about the state of health of the father. For some weeks now, updates have become increasingly rare, but Tacconi’s conditions are defined as stable.

His wife Laura doesn’t leave him alone for a moment, as do the other children who take turns visiting him. In the meantime, Andrea is the one who successfully carries on the family winery. An entrepreneurial activity that the young Tacconi is proving to be able to manage brilliantly.

But everyone’s hope is that Stefano Tacconi sooner or later he manages to return to everyday life, pampered by the love of his loved ones, with his Gascon sarcasm and his explosive will to live that have always characterized him.

Tacconi and his son
Stefano and Andrea Tacconi –

In the meantime, however, the usual keyboard haters are moving around the health conditions of the former Umbrian goalkeeper, who have always gone crazy on social platforms. And so it happens, especially for a few weeks now, that every now and then on some invented profile the announcement, obviously false, of Tacconi’s disappearance comes out.

For example, it happened a few hours ago, when the news of the death of the former Juventus goalkeeper came out from an unidentified account: “Tremendous mourning in the world of sport“. The alarm was immediately raised among the Tacconi fans, but his son Andrea was very quick to deny everything.

Stefano Tacconi, the son denies the news about the alleged death of his father

Through a post published within the stories of his Instagram profile, Tacconi jr published a dry and angry denial regarding the alleged death of his beloved father: “Yet another fake news, bad and envious just to get a few likes“. The relief expressed by the hundreds of thousands of fans who thanked the young Tacconi for immediately clarifying the reliability of the post was immediate.

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