Piers Morgan, the sharpest critic of Megan Mark, has received letters of thanks from the Hollywood Royal

It is recalled that Morgan was relieved of the post of head of the British TV channel ITV “Good Morning Britain” in early March after announcing that he did not believe Mark’s statements in an interview with Opra Winfrey.

Well, Morgans did not resign from his position in an interview with “Extra TV”, adding that he had been contacted by representatives of the British royal family. “I have received news from several members of the royal family through intermediaries.”

True, he did not mention specific words. “I won’t reveal who they were, but it was thanks for my position.”

It will be recalled that in an interview broadcast by Oprai Vinrifai in the USA, Mark admitted that he had committed suicide after joining the British royal family, as well as accused the royal family of racism.

Explaining the couple’s dramatic departure from the royal family, Mark claimed that she had been denied help during the mental health crisis, that she had been slandered and that the royal family had been concerned about the couple’s son’s skin color.

According to the media, Winfrey sold the interview to CBS for seven to nine million dollars and retained the rights to international distribution of the recording of the interview.

Prior to the broadcast of the interview in Britain, news appeared that the Royal Castle was conducting an internal investigation into allegations that Mark had terrorized the castle staff in 2018 after marrying Harry.

An investigation is also underway into the operation of the couple’s charity fund, the media reported.


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