Pierre-Yves Dermagne calls on the labor inspectorate to step up “telework” checks

During the traditional press conference of the inter-federal crisis center on Wednesday, the experts highlighted the fact that the Belgians move again and the curves “stabilize” instead of decreasing.

At the end of the afternoon, the Minister of Economy and Labor, Pierre-Yves Dermagne, called on the labor inspectorate to step up “telework” controls to limit non-essential contacts.

“The looseness seems obvious”

This stagnation of the curves is indeed far from comforting. During this press conference, Antoine Iseux, The interfederal spokesperson for the fight against the coronavirus indicated that “lTeleworking is less common than in the first wave, yet it is compulsory where possible. “

According to him, a correlation could be established between the overall mobility of the population, accentuated by a relaxation of teleworking, and the increase in cases of coronavirus.

So that this stagnation does not become a real increase, Pierre-Yves Dermagne strongly insists: “Teleworking has been compulsory since October 19. And all you have to do is open your eyes, looking at the state of traffic in particular, to see that the relaxation seems obvious”.

The Minister of the Economy and Labor will therefore increase the number of checks. “Faced with the risk of once again seeing the health situation deteriorate considerably, I asked the administration to strengthen controls in companies, where the inspectorate is responsible for verifying compliance with compulsory teleworking” he adds.

The inspection services of the FPS Employment have increased the number of checks in recent weeks. Between March 23 and December 4, 2020, 20,433 companies were visited. 9477 were in violation of corona rule compliance. 44 Pro Justitia were trained. 112 were shut down.

According to his firm, “Minister Dermagne’s will is to give a boost so that the obligation to telework is drastically respected, as an effective measure against the spread of the virus.”

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