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Pierre and Frédérique (Love is in the meadow) sing to soften their pain, Karine Le Marchand is touched (VIDEO)

Become one of the emblematic couples of Love is in the meadow, Pierre and Frédérique delighted fans of the show, with their comments on the idylls of farmers in season 14 in Love seen from the meadow. They are also very popular with program followers on Instagram, where they share their daily life and their meetings with the other candidates of the program. November 25, the gersois shared sad news with its subscribers: the death of his mother. “Beatrice, my mom went to the angels and the holy virgin whom she prayed so often. In his life, always happy and positive, always loving, you went to join my dear dad, your Jacques, your love, who left barely two years ago at the same period“, wrote the husband of Frédérique in a very moving post.

A year loaded with sadness that the couple sought to exorcise in a new publication posted on their Instagram account. We see Occitan lovers take over the tube with intensity. Johnny Hallyday, Envy, in their car. “When music softens the pain … the time for a collective family outing in the car !!!!”, they write in caption of this video. “And to hell with the false notes, we only keep the essence, the notes that come from the heart, the breath and the liberating cry and too bad for the ears! And in addition we make you benefit!”, they continued by including the hashtags self-mockery, life goes on or forever in our hearts.

“One knee on the ground and it starts again!”

A touching video that made their first fan react, Karine Le Marchand. “You are fantastic! One knee on the ground and it goes again! I love you. Happy new year 2020 to all 3. You had a difficult year, so next! Go”, she reacted in comment. An answer that went straight to the hearts of the main stakeholders. “When the knee is down, having such a great friend is a gift. Thank you for being and for your support, we love you very much. “ Their other followers also appreciated their recovery. “I love you. Stay as you are”, commented on one of them. “We love you”, outbid a second.

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