PICTURES. In Dijon, a 43,000-panel photovoltaic power plant inaugurated on a former landfill site

This Thursday, November 25, a photovoltaic power plant with 43,000 panels was inaugurated in Valmy, near Dijon. Located on a former landfill site, it will produce the equivalent of the electricity consumption of 8000 Dijonnais.

43,000 photovoltaic panels over an area of ​​16 hectares. This is the size of the plant inaugurated this Thursday, November 25 in Valmy, in the Dijon metropolitan area. It will make it possible to produce the equivalent of the annual electricity consumption of 8,000 people. This represents about 5% of the consumption of Dijon.

The photovoltaic power plant was built on the former landfill site for metropolitan waste. The creation of such a structure makes it possible to reuse a space that could not have accommodated any other activity, while avoiding encroaching on agricultural land.

The technical landfill center is waterproofed to prevent water infiltration and therefore potential pollution“, explains Jennifer Ménagé, regional manager at EDF Renouvelables.”The photovoltaic plant therefore had to be designed so as not to bury anything. We have shallow foundations that allow us to avoid anchoring. And the cables aren’t underground either.

The creation of this power station emanates from the collaboration between EDF Renewables and Dijon Metropolis. For its president, François Rebsamen, its outcome is a “great pride“.

It is a great project for the city, for the metropolis, but also for the region“, he says.”As the capital-epicenter of the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region, we must set an example in environmental matters.

According to the elected official, this power station is one more step towards a “energy mix“which will make it possible to consume less fossil fuels, in favor of renewable energies. He mentions in particular hydrogen, gas which should supply certain Divia buses by 2022. This project was even presented at the COP26, which took place closed on November 12th.

Images by Sébastien Kerroux and Valentin Chatelier.

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