Photos depict an Irish senior citizen imprisoned for criticizing Ukraine refugees.

She shouted “rapists and criminals” at them

An Irish pensioner from Cork has been jailed for 16 weeks for “cruel treatment” of Ukrainian refugees, world media reports.

Margaret Buttimer, 68, committed suicide at the Munster Arms Hotel, shouting “rapists and criminals” at Ukrainian refugees.

She wanted to know how many citizens of Ukraine were staying at that hotel, what it was costing the Irish people and said: “These Ukrainians are rapists and criminals.”

Miss Buttimer was taken outside and warned to follow police directions.

Margaret Buttimer pleaded not guilty in the county court to two charges relating to the incident at the Munster Arms Hotel.

Judge McNulty found both charges of offensive behavior and failing to comply with police instructions proven. As a result, the elderly woman was sentenced to 16 weeks in prison.

The judge said: “I suspect she is under the influence” and sentenced her to 16 weeks in prison, backdated to her arrest and suspended for half of her term, on condition she keep the peace and stay away from the Munster Arms Hotel, like any other an institution that accepts Ukrainian refugees.

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