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A surprising fact in the state of Nuevo León, Mexico, has puzzled many health professionals: a boy was born with a tail of about 6 centimeters and, although the identity of the baby has not been revealed, a scientific publication has confessed that it it is the first case in that country, although in other parts of the world there are records of more people with this strange anomaly.

According to the report of the doctors, directed by Dr. Josué Rueda, the mother of the minor had no complications during her pregnancy, the surprise was taken after delivery, because when the baby was born they saw that the tail protruded from the end of the coccyx . Read here: The dangerous plastic surgery with which men increase their height

In observing the limb they reviewed its characteristics: it could move without causing pain to the minor, but it did not have spontaneous movements. However, the girl cried after being pricked with a needle, proving that there were nerve connections.

What surprised the experts the most is that the tail could only be visible outside the womb. It may interest you: The sex position that almost killed a 45-year-old woman

The authors of the study explained that the girl’s birth took place normally and that it did not appear that the mother had been exposed to any type of exposure to radiation or teratogens, which are the agents capable of congenital defects.

How did the queue form?

First of all you need to know two things: there are two types of human tails. The former are known as pseudo-tails, which are lumps in the same area (tailbone) that look like one, but actually originate from the spine or, in other cases, are tumors.

True tails contain tissue, muscle, blood vessels, and nerves.

After detecting this anomaly, the doctors decided to carry out a series of studies on the minor, including an X-ray, with which it was excluded that there was any type of irregularity such as the presence of bone structures inside the tail. On the other hand, an MRI was performed, but it did not reveal any brain abnormalities.

After verifying that she was a healthy child, she was discharged to continue her outpatient treatment.

Did they take it off?

The specialists explained that two months after giving birth, the baby returned for examination and, according to her report, was “of the appropriate weight and growth for her age”. On her side, her tail had grown 0.8cm “without leaving any traces of skin lesions.”

After evaluation it was decided that the tail needed to be removed, so the tail was removed in a surgical process that was uneventful. In addition, the part where the limb was located was reconstructed using a procedure called Limbergplasty. Read: This is the malformation suffered by Laura Tobón’s son

Once the tail was removed, the child was discharged. Doctors confirmed that there were no complications in his recovery.

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