Photo analysis .. Musimane beats in Casablanca and approaches the African final

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Al-Ahly beat Wydad with two unanswered goals in the first leg of the CAF Champions League semi-final match, to go a long way to reach the final of the tournament.

Musimani started the match with the tactical drawing Al-Shennawi in the goalkeeper, and on the right was Muhammad Hani, on the left, Maaloul, Ayman Ashraf, and Yasser Ibrahim Qalbi, in the middle, Diang and Al-Sulayyah, and in front of them were the three Shahat on the right and Ajay on the left, and in the middle Qafsha and in the front Marwan Mohsen

On the other hand, Jomandi started the match 4.3.3 Al-Teknaouti in the goalkeeper and Abdel Latif Naseer on the right.

Jomandi’s first mistake is choosing Yahya Gibran as the central midfielder. Why?

The first reason is that Gebran is the best player in the midfield of Wydad, which is the link between the defense line and the midfield, and he is the main player in the process of building attacks for Wydad, and thus Wydad lost the effectiveness of the midfield.

The second reason is that Gibran at the start of the match caused Al-Ahly’s first goal, as Qafsha took advantage of Gibran’s mistake and scored the first goal

Al-Ahly and Wedad analysis

Despite Al-Ahly scoring the first goal, Wydad continued to press and Al-Ahly lost the ball more than once during the process of building attacks, but Wydad did not take advantage of the first half in the tie .. In the next shot, for example, the numerical increase of the Wydad players (4 players from Wydad compared to 4 from Al-Ahly).

Al-Ahly and Wedad analysis

Although Al-Ahly lost the ball in its half of its stadium, it was better than Wydad, who lost 35% of the balls, while Al-Ahly lost only 20%. In the first half, Wydad relied on cross balls and played 12 crosses during the first half, but there were only two crosses correctly. 16%.

Al-Ahly, during the first half, passed 201 passes against Wydad 128, and this reflects the weakness of Wydad’s midfield.

El-Shennawi excelled at the end of the first half by addressing a penalty kick that prevented Wydad from returning to the match again.

With the start of the second half, Musimani sent out Aliu Diang, Diang got a warning and was not at his best .. Within 45 minutes he cut the ball only once, while Hamdi Fathy within 45 minutes cut the ball on 7 occasions, Aliu Diang and from a wrong pass in the last third almost It caused the equalizer for Wydad, but Al-Haddad shot it over the goal.

With the entry of Hamdi Fathi, Al-Ahly’s form has improved relatively with the decline in the morale of Wydad after the missed penalty kick, Musimani continued on the same approach with the distinguished level of Hamdi Fathi and Qafsha in linking the lines in addition to Soliya.

Qafsha and Ajay’s defensive rebound gave Al-Ahly a great advantage in pressing Wydad, especially with the ball entering the middle of Al-Ahly stadium.

Al-Ahly and Wedad analysis

Hussein Al-Shahat was a question mark during the match, so he wasted an opportunity frankly and did not fully play his defensive role, which is the only mistake of Musimani in not taking him out and Walid Suleiman’s descent, Walid Suleiman’s descent would have closed the left front of Wydad completely with the help of Walid to Muhammad Hani .. During the first half Hani suffered alone because of The lack of a return to pressure.

Al-Ahly and Wedad analysis

Musimani made his second change by going down Giraldo instead of Marwan Mohsen and entering Ajay in the striking position, Geraldo did not provide anything other than a single cross, but otherwise it was the point at which Al-Ahly attacks ended.

The third change was the departure of the Sheikh instead of Shahat, which is a late change and Walid was better off, while Badji remained on the bench, and this shows that the player is not 100% healthy.

Jumandi got things back again after Al-Ahly’s second goal, where he put Komara in the center of the defender and brought Gibran back to the middle again and left the debate off the field, and he involved Kazadi instead of striker Gbagbo and also Hamza Asrir.

After these changes, Wydad returned to the match in a relatively better way, but the fitness factor did not help him, and Yahya Atiyatallah was injured, and Badi ‘Awok was exhausted, and Al-Murtaji came instead of him, and Wydad did not reach Al-Ahly goal.

The question was if Hamza Asrier was ready to participate, then why did he not participate in the Center of Defense?

Ajay played an excellent role during the match, as he was the player who got the most duo in the air correctly 3 out of 5 and caused the penalty kick that Maaloul scored.

Al-Karti and Ismail Al-Haddad lost the ball 24 and 21 times each, due to not supporting the midfield or attacking.

Hamdi Fathy was the most player to extract the ball during the match 7 times, and Musimani was able, due to the good defensive positioning, to make Al-Haddad and Woke each of them a correct cross only during the entire match.

Hani and Maaloul were the players who touched the ball the most during the match, 75 and 72 times, which reflects that Al-Ahly was building the game on the sides and collecting in the middle.

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