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Petter Stordalen about his own alcohol consumption: – I have to be honest

The Norwegian hotel owner, property developer and investor maintains a high media profile and is a very visible leader.

In an interview with Swedish Studentafton The 58-year-old makes no secret of the fact that life as a business leader, with responsibility for large companies and thousands of employees, demands its share.

Studentafton is an academic association in Lund that for over a hundred years has invited researchers, musicians, politicians, writers, royalty, journalists, debaters, directors, business leaders and artists to debate.

Lost appetite and night sleep

The interview with Stordalen is reproduced by Expressen.

Here, Stordalen describes the large cuts in its own companies as brutal, but necessary. He talks openly about lack of appetite and poor sleep. And about the support from her new Swedish girlfriend Märta Elander Wistén.

– What Märta did was that she made me think of something other than just business. Because that was the problem, you do not relax, tells Petter Stordalen.

Stordalen has been through its toughest years, including marital breakdown, and huge losses in connection with the pandemic. During the last 18 months, when Norway was characterized by partial closure and periods of very severe restrictions, the quality of life was gradually reduced.

Drinks up to 30 units of alcohol in one week

During his visit to the Swedish Academic Association, the Norwegian billionaire also touched on his own alcohol habits. He made no secret of the fact that he consumes two glasses of wine and a beer daily.

– I know that in such summer interviews you have to answer how many units of alcohol you drink each week on average, so politicians answer two to four and one of the toughest says eight to nine. I just have to be honest and say I do not know, maybe 30, reveals Stordalen.

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