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Petro after wave of violence in Bogotá • La Nación

President Gustavo Petro referred to the wave of violence that has been occurring in the country’s capital. “They are looking for votes by sowing fear,” said the president.

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President Gustavo Petro broke silence regarding the insecurity situation that Bogotá is going through. Through his X account, the president referred to the recent shooting in the town of Puente Aranda, where a former police officer was killed.

The president sent a strong attack to the extreme right, who according to his statement is irresponsibly spreading fear among citizens. “It hurts to see human lives fall due to crime. “We must reach zero victims of violence,” said the president.

“Are they running a political campaign with death and fear? In Bogotá, 3 homicides are committed every day on average. There will always be a photo or journalistic comment. But if there is objectivity and no manipulation, it would have to be said that it is the lowest average in the history of Bogotá for more than 4 decades,” Petro complemented.

“I will ensure that every cell phone is equipped with definitive self-destruct software in case of theft. The enormous volume of stolen cell phones not only generates business for the criminal but also allows the cell phone sales market to expand.”Petro pointed out.

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