Petra Vlhová today – The end of Livio Magoni? The right step!

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When coach Ivan Iľanovský ended unexpectedly with Petra Vlhová five years ago and was replaced by Italian expert Livio Magoni, few people knew what this cooperation would bring. Although we have “five million football coaches” in Slovakia, almost none of them know how to go downhill. That is why there were many questions at the beginning of this cooperation.

It turned out that the hiring of an expert from the Apennine Peninsula was the right move. After all, Liptáček under his leadership recorded nineteen victories in the World Cup, won six medals, five of them individual, at the World Championships and especially recently brought under the Tatras the most valuable ski trophy a large crystal globe.

In the showcase of successes of the tandem Vlhová – Magoni, only one empty space remained. For the medal of the Winter Olympics. In Pyongyang 2018, Slovakia disappointed in terms of results and performance, which the Italian took on his own responsibility. The reparation was to take place next year in Beijing. However, the two-time best sportswoman under the Tatras will try it without Magoni. At first glance, an incomprehensible step. But right!

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The Italians are known for talking and talking a lot. And this is also the case with Magoni. His frequent critical words to the address of his trust and the whole team, which he often presented in the daily Šport, increased the interest in articles on this topic, but at the same time we had to ask ourselves whether he is aware that he speaks for the media ?!

Pulling out “dirty laundry” in public disturbed the good atmosphere in the team. That’s why Magoni got a “communication stop” from Igor Vlha, so he managed to share his views with the Slovak media in the recently ended season only in Jasná and then after the World Cup final in Lenzerheide.

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It was after him, however, that the “assassination” of Vlha’s team came. Unexpected from Magoni. After his statements to Corriere della Sera, bile boiled in every Slovak, and we can only assume what they did to Petra and her loved ones. The most popular Italian in our country has once become almost an unwanted person. Definitely in Vlhovová team.

The joy of coach Petra Vlhová Livia Magoni.

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Magoni must, of course, be thanked for her work. Its results are visible and tangible. Petra herself knows best what the five-year cooperation has done to her. How she changed her ski, physically, mentally. However, if it continued, it would be chaos in Vlha’s head. She would work with a person who did not find almost a single nice word in her and her surroundings after the greatest success in her career. Prolonging such cooperation would be counterproductive.

“Thanks to the Vlha Ski team, but above all thanks to Petr. Ciao, “Livio Magoni wrote on the social network at the end of his farewell speech. “Hi, Livio,” we add with the understanding that if the Slovak proverb “measure twice and cut once” were followed, the previous words would be useless. Just as the ones the Italian said were useless. Unfortunately, not once …

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