Pessimism – Optimism! Clearly dissected 5 things.

When Chelsea missed out and Spurs had only done so. Called the situation. The opportunity to soar to lead the crowd of the Reds Partition, it was so bright.

And here is what Liverpool’s latest game is likely to chew at at the end of the table like Fulham as a crunchy snack.

Pessimism - Optimism!  Clearly dissected 5 things.

1. Fulham started the game with a hustle and bustle like a child who had just raised an egg and was delighted with a series of attacks on Liverpool !!!

Hmmmm … At first we thought that there was nothing. It’s just the flick of a small team. Only After a while, it will soften itself.

Where are you?

Because the home team continued to crush the old championship continuously, almost throughout the first half ever

They used a fast-forward approach that the Reds did not make the game well, both full-backs with speed at the speed of the last train were shut off the transport path so that the three front balls were almost right Cut out of the game While attacking the game, focus on the empty space between center-half and back Considered to be reasonably effective

Pessimism - Optimism!  Clearly dissected 5 things.

2. Fulham’s problems are like problems with the bottom of the table in general.

Is not effective

Despite the fact that the manager is well planned Players also show their determination and dedication to the full 80-foot pedaling, and follow a very disciplined plan until they attack and crush their target from time to time. But he could only do one goal like that

Time to kill Then kill him not to die Stab not cut the heart pole. Finally, I am often punished according to the formula.

Finally, because of the lack of resolution in both the offensive and defensive games, Fulham did not win.

Pessimism - Optimism!  Clearly dissected 5 things.

3. After about 40 minutes.

Noticing that Liverpool started their game with their mouths open. It may even be a game where J├╝rgen Klopp’s team is not very well played. But they still have much higher quality and higher standards.

When there was an opportunity and couldn’t do it, Fulham changed the way of playing to defend a bus. Which is not difficult to understand

The second half, Liverpool attacked non-stop on one side.

At that time, home audiences like me were completely confident that Liverpool would be able to equalize in some way. Because they never saw a team that defended the bus with them and was saved from conceding a goal.

Pessimism - Optimism!  Clearly dissected 5 things.

4. This game, both the referee and the VAR are hearts for the Reds.

Because of Fabinho’s stroke – the intention to enter the ball strong, can give a penalty if you want to, if you can give it. But the referee thought he was hit by the ball first so he survived

The rivalry came from a handball stroke that is certainly a penalty. Because of the carelessness of local players

Pessimism - Optimism!  Clearly dissected 5 things.

5. The absence of the Dioco Chota has very serious consequences. Because when the offensive game is stiff The star is more effective at destroying the net than substitutes Takumi Minamino and Divock Origi in the same story.

If the injury hadn’t been kidnapped first, Liverpool could turn around and win.


Pessimism - Optimism!  Clearly dissected 5 things.

It was a game where Liverpool had the opportunity to be both the loser and the winner of the same game.

Pessimism They lost 2 points and unfortunately stared at the top of the crowd.

An optimistic and beautiful world like Ole, Gunnar, Solcha, surviving the defeat in the game that I am not very fair at. It’s not a bad thing, huh huhuha. Yeah.


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