Pesaro, dinner-protest against the Dpcm in 90 people. The police break in. The manager: “I will never close” –

Police raided around 8.30pm on Monday night a restaurant in Pesaro, “La Macelleria”, where it was organized through social networks a dinner for 90 people. A sign of protest towards the latest regulations contained in the Dpcm which provide for the closing at 18 of bars and restaurants. Upon arrival of the police in the restaurant, the restaurateur tried to prevent access to the agents, who entered – then – through a side door while the diners continued to dine. “You can arrest me, but I will never close”, Umberto Carriera would have told agents, as reported byAnsa. The raid was followed live on a local broadcaster and on some private social profiles of the people present at the “event”.

“A dangerous antics”, commented the mayor Matteo Ricci on Facebook. «What is happening at” La Macelleria “is very serious. It is one thing to demonstrate legitimately and peacefully and another to engage in these dangerous antics against the law. Local Police, State Police and Carabinieri are already on site and I asked the Prefect maximum hardness against an unprecedented attitudeWrote the mayor. “In Pesaro the law is always respected, even more so during a pandemic”. Among other things – he stressed – with this unfortunate initiative you risk ruining the manifestation of many peoplethat have expressed his discomfort in the square and one’s fear for the future ”. Shortly before, in fact, hundreds of people, workers and owners of bars, restaurants and gyms, had taken to the streets for an authorized event.

In a second post, the mayor announced the closing of the restaurant “For several days” (until 31 October, as seen in the photo posted on social media by the mayor, ed), clarifying how “heavy penalties are being evaluated by the questore and the prefect. I thank the police forces and the municipal police for their immediate and intelligent intervention ». “We must defeat the virus and the economic crisis with balance. It is legitimate to protest and raise one’s voice, but dangerous antics against the law are unacceptable. From tomorrow (today for those who read, ed) – concluded – we will meet the delegations series of the various categories that today demonstrated in the square ».

October 27, 2020 (change October 27, 2020 | 09:59)


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