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Peru leads delegation of South American tennis players for European tour

Peru achieved the highest classification of South American tennis players in the COSAT Tour (South American Tennis Confederation) held at El Esporte Clube Pinheiros, in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

In the 14 years category, Ángel Moncada achieved classification after placing seventh in the ranking, while Luciana Luna and María Fernanda Poma also advanced after placing 1 and 3, respectively.

In the 16 years category, Nicolás Baena entered the European Tour after finishing first in the ranking, while Leticia Bazán and Daniela Zegarra qualified after finishing in 2nd and 4th place, respectively.

Peru surpassed last year’s mark where we achieved the classification of five players. This year, there will be six of our representatives on the European Tour, surpassing countries such as Brazil (5), Argentina (3), Paraguay (2), among others.

For this Tour, the Peruvian Tennis Federation financially supported the 3 best players by ranking in each category. The European Tour consists of 6 tournaments held in the Old Continent where our players will compete against the best players in the world in their respective categories.

It is important to specify that there are 20 total classifieds at the regional level, 6 in the 14 year old category (women and men) and 4 in the 16 year old category (women and men).

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