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Persona: Kazuhisa Wada wants to limit games release time in the West – News

For a very long time, video games that had the chance to leave Japan arrived several months or even years later in the West. If many publishers and studios have abandoned this principle, Atlus continues to shift its releases outside of Japan.

A situation that displeases Kazuhisa Wada, director on the series of Persona. The latter would indeed like that the time is shorter between Japanese and Western outings, in order to communicate more widely, and to benefit from the effect of global outflows. In any case, this is what he said to our colleagues from 4Gamer in an interview published As an example, Persona 5 Royal, expected in Europe for the March 31, 2020, has been available since October 31.

About our overseas campaigns, I recently took a look at our communication materials used for Japan, and I would really like to use them elsewhere. I would like to shorten the time gap between our publications in Japan and the others as much as possible. That way we could share our excitement with more players (…).

If the main argument is time required to locate titles, we also know that some publishers remain nervous about a market sometimes less sensitive to productions Japanese. However, many franchises that we thought confined to Japan, (cuckoo Yakuza) are so popular that they are now accessible everywhere.

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