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A savage Terra (LUNA) investor has taken it upon himself to redress Do Kwon, the founder of Terra. He wanted to personally find out how it could have come to the point where LUNA completely collapsed.

Identity LUNA investor known?

It was recently announced that South Korean police are searching for an unknown person who allegedly broke into Kwon’s apartment complex and rang the doorbell of Terra’s boss. However, it turns out we now know who this was. Chancers, a social media celebrity who often livestreams, has indicated that this was him.

EDaily, a Korean news platform, has announced that Kwon’s wife opened the door for the burglar. He asked her where her husband was at that time. The woman quickly called the police, causing the burglar to flee. Police have attempted to identify the person through security footage from the apartment complex.

Kwon’s wife reportedly filed for police protection after the break-in.

Livestreamer has lost 1.56 million in LUNA

Chancers indicated on his most recent livestream that he held a position of approximately $1.56 million in LUNA. He also indicated that he would turn himself in to the police.

In another livestream she said:I am broke. It is over.”. During the live stream, he wrote in a note “I’m going to wash, then I’m going to the police station. […] It’s so sad.”

Apparently the livestreamer isn’t the only one looking for Kwon. The message below on Twitter shows that several people are bidding money on Kwon’s head. It is therefore not surprising that the Kwon family is being protected by the police.

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