Permanent increase in FUP for flat rates and a 10 GB bonus for recharging Twist –

With the approaching of November, operators are beginning to present their annual Christmas offers. T-Mobile was the first to rush not only under the tree this year. Christmas at our largest operator will be mostly dated. Customers can get up to 3 GB per month in addition to their free tariff and a 10 GB bonus for recharging the subscription.

Increase of FUP for flat rates by up to 3 GB

The data bonus is aimed at all existing and new users of the latest generation of My Tariff packages with a data volume of 1.5 to 16 GB. From October 29, 2020, these customers will receive an additional portion of data every month free of charge, until the end of the contract. The amount of the bonus is tied to the volume of existing data – a higher FUP receives a higher bonus. Bonus data must be activated every month in the My T-Mobile application.

For example, the popular My Tariff M (unlimited calls and SMS) with 1.5 GB of data gets 0.5 GB “added” per month. T-Mobile will add 1 GB per month to tariffs with a volume of 2 to 7 GB. Surfers with a monthly limit of 12 to 16 GB will get even 3 GB added. The improvements apply to both household customers and small businesses and sole proprietors. The increase also applies to student tariffs. 1 GB will be added to the My Student 7 GB tariff and an additional 5 GB to the higher My Student 17 GB.

10 GB extra for each top-up

November and December will also be data-rich months for customers of T-Mobile prepaid cards. For each recharge of Twist, the customer gets 10 GB of data for free, but again he has to collect the bonus in the My T-Mobile application and he has to do so within 7 days, otherwise the right expires. The bonus 10GB package is then valid for 30 days from activation in the application. The offer is valid for existing and new customers. In addition, T-Mobile will offer an annual data package with a volume of 12 GB (1 GB for each month) with a 50% discount, ie for CZK 499, which can also be purchased in the form of a voucher as a gift under the tree.

New phone, the second for CZK 1

If you buy a new smartphone from T-Mobile in November or December, you can get a second one for it at a discounted price from CZK 1. It is necessary to conclude or extend the existing contract for two years and then you are entitled to choose from a special Christmas offer of phones. At the same time, this advantage can be combined with an ongoing event, where you get an additional 1 GB per month for each smartphone purchased, ie 24 GB for the duration of the two-year contract.

In November, customers can choose from two discounted pairs of Xiaomi smartphones. T-Mobile will add the Redmi 9AT 32 GB model for CZK 1 (standard price CZK 2,999) to the Redmi Note 9 Pro with a basic price of CZK 7,998. The second discounted pair is Xiaomi Mi 10T 128 GB (price CZK 12,998) and Redmi 9,664 GB for CZK 1 (standard price CZK 4,799). In December, T-Mobilů will present other discounted pairs from one of the other manufacturers.

T-Mobile TV and TV discount

For newly concluded or extended contracts for T-Mobile TV for 24 months (tariff S and higher), the operator offers three Philips UHD TVs at better prices. Customers can choose from 43, 50 and 58 inch devices. For example, the 50-inch model 50PUS8505 / 12 usually comes in the store for CZK 19,999, while T-Mobile costs CZK 10,351. Of course, customers can also use installment sales without increase.

New and existing users of T-Mobile Television (IPTV) have a complete Video Library available for free until 15 January 2021, which offers almost 1,000 hours of films, series or documentaries. In addition, from 1 December, T-Mobile will offer all viewers a tasting of selected channels from higher program tariffs. Until January 17, viewers can watch BBC Earth, Premier Sport HD, DIGI Sport 1 HD and DIGI Sport 2 HD.

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