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“Percy Jackson 3” movie is not coming – but that’s good news for fans! – Cinema news


After “Percy Jackson – Thieves in Olympus” and “Percy Jackson 2 – The Cyclops”, there is no third part of the film series. Instead of a sequel, fans can look forward to a series at Disney + that has the blessing of the novelist.

Twentieth Century Fox

The “Percy Jackson” film series only managed two parts, and the underlying book series comprises five volumes. But “Percy Jackson 3” as a film will not exist because:

Instead of continuing with the cinema series, Disney is now planning to restart the novel adaptations – as a series at the Disney + streaming service*.

The films “Percy Jackson – Thieves in Olympus” and “Percy Jackson 2 – The Cyclops” with Logan Lerman as the eponymous demigod were created by 20th Century Fox, so the rights have now moved to Disney after buying the studio.

After the two films were not very popular with critics or fans of the books and the second part was even less sold at the box office than the first (worldwide “only” just under $ 200 million, part 1 at least 226 million ), neither 20th Century Fox, nor later Disney was able to bring about a sequel.

Restart as a series at Disney Plus

So it was decided without further ado to reissue the stuff that has many loyal fans at Disney +. And at the same time to iron out the mistakes that had been made with the films, namely to deviate quite a bit from the book templates.

Not only readers of the “Percy Jackson” novels bothered it, the author also makes no secret of his aversion to the films. For example, Rick Riordan recently explained that the film scripts felt like you had “turned your life’s work through the meat grinder”.

The series at Disney + should now be fairer to the books, Riordan wants to take care of it himself – so good news for fans!

  • Tip for books fans: All five volumes of the “Percy Jackson” series are available here, for example, here at Amazon as bound editions in a chic slipcase.*

Riordan and his wife Becky are involved in the development of the series, whose story is said to follow the storyline from the books very closely. One book is to be filmed per season and as little time jumbled as possible, as is the case with the films.

Accordingly, five seasons of the series “Percy Jackson And The Olympians” await us, as it is currently called (the original name of the book series).

Logan Lerman guest appearance?

With the “Percy Jackson” restart as a series, of course, all roles are now being cast. It is not yet known who will play Percy Jackson instead of Logan Lerman. But since the series is supposed to stay closer to the books, it can be assumed that we will see a younger Percy this time than in the films. Because in the first volume “Diebe im Olymp”, the boy is twelve years old, in the first movie, however, 16 – another point that annoyed many fans.

Nevertheless, Logan Lerman can imagine being part of the series if asked – at least in a guest appearance in a different role. He explained this when asked by Entertainment Tonight.

  • “Percy Jackson – The Cyclops” will run on Saturday (July 4th, 2020) at 9:55 p.m. on Sat.1 and will be repeated on Sunday at 2:20 p.m.

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