Peoples Party Wins 2023 General Elections in Algeciras, Doubling Votes Compared to Four Years Ago

Peoples Party Wins 2023 General Elections in Algeciras, Doubling Votes Compared to Four Years Ago

He People’s Party has won the 2023 general elections in Algeciras after almost doubling the votes obtained four years ago and surpassing the two parties that then defeated him at the polls, the PSOE y Voxwhich this Sunday have ranked as the second and third most voted force.

Los popular They have added 19,621 votes, which represents an increase of 17 percentage points compared to the elections of November 10, 2019.

Los socialists they experience a slight improvement of 1.18 points and remain the second most voted party in the city with 15,826 votes.

The third formation would be Vox, which is the one that experiences a more pronounced drop by staying 12,227 votes, a drop of 6.15 percentage points. In 2019, Santiago Abascal’s party was the most voted party in Algeciras with 15,492 votes, 426 more than the PSOE.

summer It is the fourth formation that has obtained the most support from the people of Algeciras with 5,284. they follow him Forward Andalusia (583) y pacma (521).

In Algeciras, the stake it was somewhat less than in 2019. This Sunday 55,570 voters (61.28%) voted compared to 55,211 (61.40%) who did so four years ago. Abstention has risen slightly. 38.71% of voters have abstained (35,109) when in the previous elections they were 38.59% (34,708).

Thus, in Algeciras, the PP took advantage of the momentum of the municipal elections last May, when under the leadership of José Ignacio Landaluce won the absolute majority that he missed in the municipal elections of 2019 when he obtained 16 of the 27 councilors of the Corporation. He PP got then 22,873 votes53.14%, and 16 councilors so that it practically maintained its 2019 result and, in addition, captured the 3,000 votes that Ciudadanos obtained in the previous elections.

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