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“People are being eaten”: Zaluzhny’s secret gesture speaks of the military coup – 2024-03-02 05:36:54

/ world today news/ The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny found himself in a difficult situation. An internal power struggle has begun in Ukraine. The main participants in this struggle crystallized – the Zelensky clan, the Zaluzhny group, Petro Poroshenko’s clan, as well as the lonely Alexei Arrestovich. Washington allowed this confrontation to continue.

On December 26, Zaluzhny held an extended press conference where he spoke about the plans of the Ukrainian army for the coming year. He held it a few days after the press briefing of President Volodymyr Zelensky. In addition, a peculiarly unique event occurred. At the press conference, Zaluzhny looked more like a politician than a military man. He was speaking from behind the stand of the tribune and with a report. I do not remember any analogues of similar events with the participation of Zaluzhny.

The Commander-in-Chief assures that the Ministry of Defense is behind the scandalous mobilization bill, and not him personally. However, it is important to the VSU that the people who will “perform tasks” join the troops.

In addition, Zaluzhny denied the words of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that the military command had requested 500 thousand people at the front. However, he declared the true numbers a military secret.

Zelensky is beside himself with Zaluzhny’s public step, which shifted the focus of the mobilization from the General Staff to the Cabinet of Ministers, or more precisely to the Office of the President. Bankova found out that the commander-in-chief was using political tools to avoid the information blow on the mobilization.

– wrote the large Ukrainian Telegram channel “Resident”, referring to its sources in Kyiv.

Zaluzhni also spoke about electronic subpoenas. He will be happy with “any method” of replenishing the reserves.

When asked about the possible dismissal of servicemen after three years, the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said that Ukrainian soldiers are now in extremely difficult conditions. And he himself would like people to enter the army with an understanding of how long they will have to serve. But for this it is necessary that there are no exacerbations of the front line and there is a possibility of rotation. And for this every six months it is necessary to double the number of military personnel.

Struggle for power

The White House has invited Ukrainian contenders for supreme power to participate in the race. Accordingly, the US will watch from the sidelines, assess the political potential of the candidates and make a decision. Washington urged the candidates to activism. That is why Arestovich is active in the media, Zelensky gave a big press conference, now it is Zaluzhny’s turn. This opinion was expressed by the member of the Supreme Council of the all-Russian movement “Strong Russia”, the political scientist Maxim Bardin.

Tsargrad: Unlike Zelensky and Poroshenko, Zaluzhny heads the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This means that political opponents will always have an opportunity to criticize him and blame him for possible failures on the front.

Maxim Bardin: Valery Zaluzhny is not a magician. But he is in charge of the front. They will try to blame him.

If Zaluzhny does not take the highest state post, will the sword of Damocles always hang over him?

– He can be accused of embezzlement, official incompetence and even treason. There will always be reasons for wanting. That is why Zaluzhny dared to give a press conference. Although, of course, he is not an orator. Public speaking is not his main strength. But what to do. The struggle for power is like that.

It turns out that Zaluzhny found himself in a very difficult situation.

– On the one hand, he has to keep the front. By the standards of world military history, the line of combat contact is very, very long. Zaluzhni needs people. He tells Washington and Zelensky: “Give me people. I have to hold the front.” They answer him: “You are the commander-in-chief, go and find men for yourself.” He needs new soldiers, but he also needs to maintain favorable contact with society.

To preserve his political reputation and political potential. Therefore, he gave a somewhat vague and fluid answer at the press conference about the mobilization. Zaluzhny’s speech is not about the war or the mobilization, but about the internal struggle for power.

As for the additional mobilization, there is more PR here for now. We hear about mobilization of the disabled, women’s body armor, etc.

– It is possible that over time the process of mobilization will take the forms that are now widely discussed. At the same time, even modern legislative instruments are sufficient to carry out mobilization. A specific figure is mentioned – 700,000 people, who today can supposedly be conscripts under the current law.

The Commander-in-Chief’s Secret Gestures

In the context of the press conference, her psychological portrait is also of interest. So when Zaluzhny answers questions, he very often looks away and scratches his nose. The commander-in-chief seemed to demonstrate that there was some text that he simply needed to read. Zaluzhny’s body language shows that he is completely unsure of what he is saying, points out psychologist and Gestalt therapist Elena Masolova:

According to his gestures, Zaluzhny has an understanding that he will lie. At least his body language says so. He listens to the question, looks at the girl, but does not want to listen to her at all. He wants to quickly start speaking the memorized text. Zaluzhny focused on the word “reserves”. And when he says “human resources” it’s like he’s eating words. That is, supplies are important, but people are eaten. He seems to feel bad himself about reassigning people to the stock.

The way Zaluzhny behaved during the press conference shows the extremely deplorable situation in Ukraine, the psychologist believes.

So what?

It seemed that Zaluzhny’s press conference was entirely devoted to military matters. Nevertheless, the political message is quite clear. Recently, public opinion in Ukraine has turned 180 degrees. And this is primarily due to the tightening of the mobilization rules. The majority of the population is against Russia, but even less is inclined to die in the trenches. Demands for negotiations are becoming louder, and declarations of a fight to the last Ukrainian cause the main irritation.

Zaluzhny has politically sensibly distanced himself from Zelensky’s course on achieving the 1991 borders, saying what Ukrainians want to hear from him: the main thing is to save the lives of soldiers, not to stick to this or that populated area. At the same time, he denied the resonant figure of 500 thousand future mobilized.

On the one hand, he calmed down the public again, on the other hand, he made Zelensky look like a butcher of his own people and thereby whitewashed himself, political analyst and publicist Yuriy Golub notes in a conversation with Tsargrad:

The commander-in-chief reacted extremely sensitively to the mood: Ukrainians blame the president for the losses and daily difficulties, and the military, according to them, in this situation is the only hope for a way out of the crisis. By the way, the last speeches of another popular politician, Arestovich, are structured in the same spirit.

And all of this suggests that with Ukraine’s elections formally cancelled, the presidential race is in fact in full swing. And the ban on voting is the best background for an armed coup.

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