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Pedo Hunter Eren G. Faces Legal Battle and Fundraising Campaign After Online Exposé

‘Pedo hunter’ Eren G. must appear in court again, this time because he revealed the identity of an alleged pedophile from Woudrichem online. The man demands 25,000 euros from G. for defamation. But the 32-year-old Utrecht can count on a lot of support. A fundraising campaign has been started online, which has so far raised more than 5,000 euros.

Eren G. confronted the man from Woudrichem on July 23 last year. After being tipped off by children that the man would like to have a sex appointment with minors, G. arranged to meet him himself. He filmed the encounter and posted the footage on his YouTube channel. The man was recognizable in the picture and has since been threatened.

Hero status
The victim has sued Eren G. for defamation and is demanding damages of 25,000 euros. G. must appear before the police judge on October 17. One of G.’s YouTube followers then started a fundraising campaign. “Surely it cannot be the case that the privacy of a pedophile outweighs the safety of our children?” this is the explanation for the promotion.

5,055 euros have now been raised. G. is seen as a hero by many people. ‘You are awesome! You do what others do not dare but what is necessary, unfortunately,” someone wrote anonymously. And another writes: ‘You would only get a 25,000 euro fine for protecting children. I find it incredibly crazy.’

Second fundraiser
Two years ago, Eren G. also had to appear in court after he threatened an alleged pedophile from Oss. He drove to the man’s house and entered his house with a lot of aggression. He streamed the conversation that followed live on Facebook. The judge then sentenced G. to one hundred hours of community service. A fundraising campaign for G. was also started at the time. That campaign earned him more than 1,500 euros.


Pedo hunter threatened men in front of a rolling camera: ‘I was seen as a hero’

Almost 1,500 euros raised for convicted pedo hunter: ‘Give that man something’

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