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met videoAfter a restless evening, peace has returned to the center of Rotterdam. This is reported by the police, who had their hands full with disturbances in the city center. A total of four water throwers were deployed, including on Hofplein and Coolsingel. 72 people have been arrested. Two officers were injured.

Immediately after Feyenoord’s lost Conference League final, various fights broke out in the city center and agents were pelted. One officer was hit in the neck by a rock. He was treated on the spot and did not require hospitalization. The police have the matter under investigation. Another officer was injured in the neck after being hit by shards of glass.

The rioters also caused “heavy destruction,” a police spokesman said. Shop windows were broken on the Kruiskade. A tram and a bus were destroyed. In addition, rioters set off heavy fireworks. Especially in the center were many heavy firecrackers heard. The riot police carried out charges and water throwers were used on Coolsingel and Hofplein to clear the streets.

Police are not ruling out further arrests and are calling on bystanders to share CCTV footage so that more rioters can be identified. At around 1 am, peace returned to the city.

Things have become restless in the center of Rotterdam. © MediaTV

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