Pavard claimed to be the scapegoat for the hot French dressing room at the World Cup

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Benjamin Pavard is called the figure who made the French dressing room hot in the world World Cup 2022.

Pavard was France’s first choice in the first match of the 2022 World Cup. However, after the second match, Pavard was more often a substitute bench warmer.

His position at the 2022 World Cup was then replaced by Jules Kounde. Kounde, who is more of a centre-back type, was brought in by Deschamps at right-back.

Pavard was then called upon to wreak havoc in the dressing room in France throughout the World Cup. According to a report by French journalist Romain Molina, quoted by Daily mailthe French players were disappointed by Pavard’s attitude in divulging inside information to the media.

The reason is that after receiving criticism from Deschamps and the coaching team, Pavard actually refused to accept the criticism. Pavard actually expressed his frustration and made the atmosphere in the locker room warm.

In addition to the Pavard problem, another problem in the French dressing room is that of Karim Benzema. Benzema, who is said to be injured, actually still has a chance to make it back when the World Cup takes place.

But in the end Didier Deschamps decided not to recall Benzema. Antoine Griezmann and Hugo Lloris also reportedly supported the decision.

Even though the French national team dressing room was hot, Les Bleus came to the top of the party. Kylian Mbappe and his friends managed to overcome Poland, England and Morocco to reach the finals.

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However, France had to settle for being runners-up after losing 2-4 on penalties to Argentina following a 3-3 draw in 120 minutes.

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