Patty Brard does not understand the Miljuschka Televizier nomination

Jan Slagter has already expressed his criticism of the Golden Televizier Ring and is now supported by Patty. “There is always criticism,” admits the 65-year-old. “But it is also justified.” The Show newspresenter does not understand why Miljuschka had a chance. “It says enough that Miljuschka, whom I really love and who likes to cook and is fun, was one of the three nominees for best presenters and Linda de Mol not”, she explains. According to her, being ‘the best’ has ‘nothing to do with how many followers you have’.

The nominations and the final win in the categories are of course determined by the viewers, but Patty thinks that the course needs to be changed. “It is not the case that if we let a professional jury loose on it, she is called one of the best presenters”, she says. “I think it would be appropriate to appoint a jury of people who really understand television making and then make a combination of it..”

Who thought it very justified that Miljuschka belonged to the contenders is her friend Philip. In the video below you can see how proud he is of his great love.

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