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‘Pat’ leads the ‘Power Pat’ team to prove their results again after nearly 20 years of leaving Mike

It is a legendary artist group that fans Many people have waited for their return after almost 20 years !! With the band “Power Pat”Led by Pat – Worayot Bunthongphum (Lead singer), Fa-Panwit Suwattananun (guitar), Prem-Warit Thonthanawatsiri (Bass) and Jib-Kamolchai Khemthong (Drums), which today the 4 of them are ready to return to create happiness through songs for fans again under Khaosan Entertainment.

Pat Worayot (Pat Power Pat) Opened up about the 20-year reunion with the group, “First of all, I have to say that we are very happy that Power Pat now has a chance to come together again. After I came out I received some fan news saying I wanted to hear our music, I’d like to see the Power Pat band come together again. Our group disappeared for almost 20 years. The members of the past group, who went in different directions, went in different directions. Professions include playing music, teaching music, working full-time jobs and personal business. When we meet again, it reminds us of the old atmosphere. Life story when working together as a teenager Even when I knew that I would really come together to make music together. I must say that it exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Thanks to the camp Khaosan Entertainment Giving us the opportunity to come back to prove our music work once again Who decided to work with the camp because I felt that although it was a small camp But there is a very close and warm relationship. Making music, playing music with friends It is the main goal in life that we want to do. Including the development of skill in the subject of music as well In which the genre of music must be contemporary It is something that sounds easier and has a clearer style. The concept of our song is also various. If it’s in the matter of love Will grow with age It is love that understands. I have to thank the fans who still miss us. Want to listen to our song We will strive to do our best. I find it exciting for me and all the fans. Coming together again in almost 20 years, I believe there will be good things. And something special happened indeed Please wait and listen. “

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