Signed on the women’s basketball team!Avoid the U.S. and Spain men’s basketball team if they advance to the dream team

Original title: The women’s basketball team signed!Avoid the U.S. Spanish men’s basketball team if they advance to the dream team

News from February 2nd, Beijing time, the Chinese women’s basketball team was lucky. In today’s Tokyo Olympics women’s basketball team draw, they successfully avoided the defending champion US team and the Spanish team, which has been rising rapidly in recent years. In the end, the Chinese women’s basketball team entered Group C. The three opponents in the same group were Australia, Belgium and Puerto Rico.

In the 2020 Olympic women’s basketball qualifiers in Belgrade, the Chinese women’s basketball team performed very well, first beating the British team 86-76, then narrowly beating Spain 64-62, and then beating South Korea 100-60. In this way, the Chinese women’s basketball team won three games to get tickets to the Tokyo Olympics. At that time, Han Xu and Li Meng were selected as the best team, and Li Meng was also awarded the MVP. This shows that the Chinese women’s basketball team ushered in a new golden generation!

The Chinese women’s basketball team and the Australian team can be said to be old opponents, and they are very familiar with each other. As we all know, the Australian team is fierce and they have a height advantage. The Australian team, currently ranked No. 2 in the world, is extremely competitive. With the current strength of the Chinese team, there is a possibility of upset, but the loss is actually acceptable. In the history of the Olympic Games, China and Australia have played against each other 3 times, with the Chinese team losing 1 win and 2 losses. The last time the two teams met on the Olympic stage was in 2012, when the Chinese team lost 60-75.

The good news is that the Belgian and Puerto Rico teams in the same group are of equal strength, and the Chinese team has an advantage in overall strength. Let’s look at the Belgian team first. They are the weakest team in the second tier, ranking No.6 in the world. On the stage of the Intercontinental Championship, the two teams did not have any record of playing against each other. Considering that the Chinese team has big men such as Han Xu and Li Yueru, it should be said that the girls are not against the Belgian team. Let’s look at the Puerto Rico team in the fourth gear. They are the lowest ranked team in the world among the 12 women’s basketball teams participating in the Tokyo Olympics, only No. 22. The Chinese team and Puerto Rico have never played against each other on the stage of the Intercontinental Games.

According to the rules, the top two teams in each group and the two third-placed teams in the three groups advance to the quarterfinals. In Group C, the Chinese women’s basketball team has the strength to compete for second place, so it has a high probability of reaching the quarter-finals.

Let’s look at the Chinese men’s basketball team. If Du Feng’s team can perform miracles, the Chinese men’s basketball team will enter Group A in the Tokyo Olympics, against the United States, France and the old rival Iran. The Chinese team entered the Victoria Division in the Olympic defeat. The two opponents in Group A are Canada and Greece. There are two groups in the entire Victoria Division. The teams in Group B include Uruguay, Czech Republic and Turkey. According to the rules, the champion of the Victoria Division can get tickets to the Tokyo Olympics.Return to Sohu to see more


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