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Passenger Delays Flight by Throwing Coins into Engine: China Southern Airlines Incident

The flight was delayed for four hours after a passenger threw coins into the engine. The incident took place on a China Southern Airlines flight from Sanya to Beijing. The flight was scheduled to depart on March 6 at 10 am local time. But the passenger was alleged to have thrown the coins and the coins were found in the engine during the security check. Some media have also shared the video related to the incident.

In this video, one of the flight attendants is seen questioning the passenger who threw the coins into the engine. The person is also asked how many coins were thrown into the engine. The passenger revealed that three to five coins were thrown into the engine. But China Southern Airlines has not yet clarified how many of them have been found.

Meanwhile, following the incident, the aircraft took off after a thorough safety check was conducted by the maintenance staff of the aircraft. The airline’s customer service responded to local media by saying that they had made sure there were no safety issues before takeoff. So after long checks, the plane took off for Beijing at around 2:16. The passenger was later taken into custody by the airport police.

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Later, Southern Airlines on Wednesday clarified that such rude behavior should not be tolerated and such acts like throwing coins into the aircraft pose a threat to the safety of the aircraft and will face severe penalties. But this is not the first time that coins have been thrown into the plane and caused problems for the passengers. Also in October last year, another China Southern Airlines flight had to take off late from Guangzhou after a passenger was seen throwing coins into the plane’s engine.

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  • First Published : March 9, 2024, 10:14 pm IST

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