Parter sells its plants of Alu Iberian Avilés and la Coruña to Group Risk Capital in the midst of the healthcare crisis | SER Gijón | Today Gijón

Parter Capitalthe owner of the plants of Alu Iberian in Avilés and A Coruña, has sold its two factories. Following the acquisition last summer, the swiss fund argues that “before the difficult situation that crosses the industry of the aluminum in Spain, aggravated remarkably at the global level as a result of the health crisis of the COVID-19, Parter Capital has decided to integrate in Alu Iberian as a strategic partner, the conglomerate of companies in the Industry Group Risk“.

Through a press release has explained that the new owners have “a proven experience in business management and is highly trained in the industrial sector”. The operation of Alcoa it was closed last summer, practically on the horn when was the term given by the multinational to not run a Record of Employment Regulation.

The negotiations and the sale it was protected by the Government of Spain through the Ministry of Industry who presides over Reyes Maroto. Precisely, to the central Executive watch now the workers who have had knowledge of the transaction, executed a month ago, this morning. The president of the committee of companyJosé Manuel Gómez de la Uz, points out that “we want to know if the Government and Alcoa had knowledge of the operation and if the support”.

Preview Jose Manuel Gomez de la Uz, pte committee company Alu Iberica, sale plants coronavirus in the Play to BE

Parter began negotiating in September with new highs shareholders, that is to say, a month after I bought the plants. Now the Group Industrial Risk has acquired the majority package of shares of Alu Iberian and shall be in charge of the management of both factories from this month April.


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