Paris Takes Action to Address Rise in Bed Bugs and Protect Public

Paris Takes Action to Address Rise in Bed Bugs and Protect Public

Paris, France (CNN) – The French government pledged to take measures to “reassure and protect” the public, as its capital, Paris, announced a “widespread” rise in the numbers of bed bugs (blood-sucking insects).

French Transport Minister Clement Beaune said on Friday that he would “gather transport operators next week” to “take further measures to reassure and protect” the public from the reported increase in the numbers of the blood-sucking insect.

Speaking to French television station LCI on Friday, Paris Deputy Mayor Emmanuel Gregoire described the phenomenon as “widespread”, saying: “You have to understand that in reality no one is safe, and obviously there are risk factors, but in reality, you can Picking up bed bugs anywhere and bringing them home.”

The announcement comes as government calls from officials and trade unions in Paris increase to take action after several videos of bed bugs spotted on public transport and other locations such as cinemas appeared on social media.

An expert at France’s National Health and Sanitation Authority said that the problem is “an emerging phenomenon in France and almost everywhere in the world.”

For her part, Johanna Veit, from the risk assessment department at the National Health and Sanitation Authority in France, told CNN: “This is mainly due to the movement of people, the travel of the population, and the fact that people stay in short-term accommodation and bring bed bugs into their bags or luggage.” .

It is noteworthy that three years ago, the French government launched a campaign to combat bedbugs, which includes a dedicated website and an information hotline, as the number of insects increased.

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