Pardubice – Třinec 3: 3, The steelmakers erased the shortfall and celebrate the victory in the cup competition

David taneček, ČTK

Although Dynamo led 2-0 after the first period thanks to goals by Jan Mandát and Valentin Claireaux, but he could not erase the high deficit from the opening match. In the second period, on the other hand, Martin Růžička and Milan Doudera equalized. Juraj Mikuš had a fantastic opportunity to put Východočechy up another goal 48 minutes into the match, but he fired just over the crossbar.

The people of Pardubice started with great taste and significantly more actively. In the ninth minute, they forced Gernát’s foul, but during the power play, there was not much left to catch them during the attack of the guests Roman. But then Svačina, on the other hand, found a Mandate with a beautiful pass, which he opened with a blow without preparing a score.

From left, Juraj Mikuš, Rhett Holland, Valentin Claireaux and Martin Kaut from Pardubice celebrate a goal.

David taneček, ČTK

In the 13th minute, Blümel tried Forsberg’s bluff, but the goalkeeper Kořenář managed to stretch in the goal area enough to stop the puck. Roman could equalize, but the goal construction was against it. Instead, he raised Claireaux with a ground shot, firing cleverly through Douder.

From left Martin Gernát from Třinec and Ondřej Machala from Pardubice.

David taneček, ČTK

In the 25th minute, the accounts could even have been balanced, but Vála made a stick with a good blow. Then Blümel failed again. After Kolář’s foul, the home team had to be four. Holland attacked Zadin hard, who struggled to get off the ice, but then returned to the game.

Gunner Růžička from the space between the circles managed to use the numerical advantage and reduced it. During the game in four on both sides, shortly after half of the match, Crow passed, but Kacetl took good care of the space between the concretes.

In the 34th minute, Roman ran an empty goal after Vrán’s great offer, but the still reigning extra-league champions from last year did not have to regret it for a long time, as he equalized Douder a moment later.

Mikuš then prevailed on the side of Pardubice before the second break, but that was all from the home side. After Zadina’s wound, Jašek finally concluded the result in the third act with a successful arrival.

The originally announced bonus of one million crowns for the winner and half a million to the loser decreased slightly. Třinec received 800 thousand and Pardubice 400 thousand crowns. Behind everything is a solidarity gesture towards both semifinalists, which both teams agreed before the start of the final series. The players of Pilsen and Liberec could not enter the semi-finals due to coronavirus infection. Nevertheless, they will share the remaining 300,000 crowns.

The final of the playoff of the Generali Česká pojišťovna Hockey Cup – revenge:
HC Dynamo Pardubice – HC Oceláři Třinec 3: 3 (2: 0, 1: 2, 0: 1)
Goals and recordings: 11. Mandate (Snack, Kusý), 19. Claireaux (M. Kaut, J. Mikuš), 38. J. Mikuš (Mandate) – 30. Martin Růžička (M. Stránský, Gernát), 37. M. Doudera (M Stránský, P. Vrána), 48. Jašek (F. Zadina, Gernát). Judges: Jeřábek, Hejduk – Kajínek, Hynek. Exclusion: 9: 8. Utilization: 2: 1. Attendance: 1920. Result of the first match: 0: 3, Třinec became the overall winner of the cup.
Pardubice: Kantor – Nakládal, Vála, Holland, J. Mikuš, J. Kolář, Zacharčuk, Hrádek – Tybor, R. Kousal, M. Kaut – Svačina, Poulíček, Mandát – Kusý, Claireaux, Blümel – T. Zeman, Anděl, O. Machala. Coach: Razým.
Trinec: Kořenář – M. Doudera, Gernát, D. Musil, Galvinš, Kundrátek, Jaroměřský – Martin Růžička, P. Vrána, M. Stránský – Jašek, Marcinko, F. Zadina – O. Kovařčík, M. Kovařčík, Chmielewski – Dravecký, M Roman, Hrehorčák – Hrňa. Coach: Varaďa.



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