Parcoursup: should you send your children to Rennes or Saint-Brieuc? – Saint Brieuc

Do you study better on the Mazier campus in Saint-Brieuc than in its two supervisory universities, Rennes 1 and Rennes 2? The question inevitably arises in the minds of future students and their families when it comes time to the wishes on Parcoursup.

Except that here, there is no ranking of universities in France. In addition, the same sectors in Saint-Brieuc or Rennes may have their specificities. In Staps, for example, the options are not the same on the two sites in second and third years. Difficult, therefore, to attempt a numerical comparison of student success.

100% success in L3 law

However, the few data collected provide an element of the answer: the results of students from Brioche are no less good than those of their Rennes counterparts. “We study at least as well here,” suggests Charles-Yves Collet, director of the Rennes 2 branch in Mazier.

Some former students do not hesitate to show their attachment to the Mazier campus in Saint-Brieuc. (The Telegram / Julien Molla)

As good and even better, as far as the right antenna is concerned. “The results are, indeed, slightly better in Saint-Brieuc, confirms Xavier Volmerange, director of the Briochine law branch. Yet we have the same teachers, the same exams and the same requirements. And the students get the same diploma ”. But with a success rate of 100% in license 3, in Mazier, during the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 school years.

The organization of the campus is adapted, in particular, to high school students arriving in the first year and who must integrate the university operations.

” Working atmosphere “

The good Briochin results are mainly explained, for him, by “better study conditions”. Starting with a smaller workforce which allows better supervision from the administrative and teaching staff. “Access to the library, located in the heart of the campus, is also easier and more direct”, praises Xavier Volmerange. Students can go there between two lessons, which is more difficult in Rennes ”.

The university library is one of the strengths of the Mazier campus in Saint-Brieuc.
The university library is one of the strengths of the Mazier campus in Saint-Brieuc. “Its access is easier and more direct than in Rennes,” boasts the director of the legal branch. (The Telegram / Julien Molla)

This is also what Charles-Yves Collet defends. “Talking about results and study success also means taking the student environment into account,” he says. The organization of the campus brings real added value. It is suitable, in particular, for high school students arriving in the first year and who must integrate university operations ”.

What many students confirm. “Compared to Rennes, here, we are a bit in a cocoon, underlines Kassandra, in the first year of history. I think that’s also what makes Mazier, there is a working atmosphere ”. And, therefore, results that have nothing to envy to those obtained in Rennes.

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