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Panin Bank and BRI Close All Offices in Aceh


Aceh Province has implemented Qanun for Sharia Financial Institutions (LKS). This means that both banking and non-banking financial institutions that operate must comply with sharia principles.

Quoted in article 5 of the Aceh Qanun, this Qanun aims to realize an Islamic economy in Aceh. Then it became the driving force and driving force for Aceh’s economic growth.

This caused banks that did not have a sharia business unit to leave Aceh and close their offices. The following are the banks that have left Aceh.

Panin Bank

Bank Panin’s Corporate Secretary, Jasman Ginting, said that the company will close its branch office in Banda Aceh in June.

“We will follow the provisions of the Qanun for Sharia Financial Institutions (LKS) in effect in Aceh,” he said when confirmed detikcom.

Jasman revealed that Panin Bank only has one main branch office in Jalan Muh Jam 1 GH, Desa Baru, Kampung Baru Baiturrahman and one cash office in Hasan Dek, Kuta Alam, Banda Aceh.

Currently, Bank Panin has 560 branch offices ranging from KCU, Sub-Branch Offices (KCP), to Cash Offices (KK) throughout Indonesia.

In 2020, Bank Panin’s net profit was recorded at IDR 3.12 trillion amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Operating profit before provisioning was Rp.6.69 trillion or grew by Rp.6.69 trillion.

The increase in profit was due to operating income growth of 77.16% to Rp 3.36 trillion. The total consolidated assets of Bank Panin reached Rp 218.07 trillion, an increase compared to last year’s position of Rp 211.29 trillion.

Bank Rakyat Indonesia

Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) announced that it will close all banking operations in Aceh. This is in accordance with the implementation of Qanun LKS number 11 of 2018.

Aceh Province BRI Regional Leader, Wawan Ruswanto, revealed that all services and portfolios have been transferred to BRISyariah, which has now become Bank Syariah Indonesia (BSI).

BRI received Principle Licensing for Closure of 11 Branch Offices and Regional Offices, but is still waiting for the Implementation of Closure Permits from the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

“After obtaining a license to carry out the closure, BRI is given 30 working days to carry out the closure of office operations,” he said.

He said the transfer process had been going on since July 2019 and ended in December 2020. Wawan said that almost all loan and deposit portfolios had been transferred, where around 92% of the loan portfolio and 85% of the deposit portfolio had been on the books at BRIsyariah Bank.

According to him, there are still loan portfolios that have not been transferred, including non-performing loans and write-offs totaling around 8% of the total loans.

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