Panic moments in Sarıyer! It was noticed in the vehicle brought by the businessman to the auto industry …

The incident occurred at 14:00 on Maslak Atatürk Oto Sanayi Sitesi 39. Sokak. A person who does not want to give his name business mancame to the auto industry to have the general maintenance of the luxury vehicle. The auto service employee noticed a black box tied to the rear swing of the car while he lifted the elevator to check the bottom.

The service owner warned the police, who saw the box, and the owner of the car called the police in case it could be a bomb. Police teams arriving at the scene, the police disposal expert waited for the police by taking security precautions in the environment.


Bomb disposal policeman checked the box under the car wearing his special outfit. Bomb destroyer police detonated the box on the street after removing the box from the car’s swing. In the examination made after the explosion, it was determined that there was a tracking device inside the box.

Imdat Mankırcı, who works in another service next to the service brought for the maintenance of the car, said, “When our neighbor lifts the car on the fiber, they find a box on the swing part of the car. First they inform the owner of the car. news Let’s give it. ‘ Then they call the police. When the police teams came, they took us away. We don’t know what happened yet, “he said.

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While the police are launching an investigation into the incident, the possibility that the tracking device may have been placed under the vehicle by the person or persons the businessman is hostile with is emphasized.


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