Panama Squid Game Party: Five Victims

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In Panama, at a party in the style of a popular TV series, they started shooting

A Halloween themed event ended with gunfire between members of the rival gangs.

In Panama at the theme party in the style of a South Korean TV series Squid game five people were killed. This was reported by the edition The reason citing a police statement.

It is noted that the incident took place in one of the clubs in Santa Ana. According to law enforcement officials, five participants in the party were killed and seven injured as a result of the shooting by members of the warring gangs.

It is clarified that after the shooting began, the attacker died along with four other people.

During the special operation, two people were detained, allegedly associated with the incident.

Recall the Netflix series Squid game came out on the platform in mid-September. Nine episodes tell the story of people who decide to participate in a secret game to survive due to financial problems.

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