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Overwatch already has more than 60 million players

Blizzard’s hero shooter continues to attract new audiences.

2020 and so far in the present 2021 have been very scarce new content in Overwatch; However, this has not prevented the Blizzard title from continuing to add a large number of new players.

More of 60 million players They are the ones who have played a game in the hero shooter that debuted in the distant May 2016.

Only from 2020 to date are 10 million new players what Overwatch received in information confirmed by the developer itself.

With about five years in the market, Overwatch continues to improve its numbers thanks to the constant published offers, in addition to the fact that last year different windows of free play weekends.

With this, Blizzard has a good outlook at the player level for Overwatch 2, title that is still in development now under the direction of Aaron Keller who entered the team taking the place of Jeff Kaplan who left Blizzard.

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