Overwatch 2 servers down on launch day


Blizzard has been working late into the night trying to respond to the DDoS attack that prevents players from accessing Overwatch 2, but is still trying to fix the situation and make it playable.

Game Director Aaron Keller reported 5 hours ago that Blizzard teams stayed up overnight to fix this, but a second DDoS attack has complicated matters and millions of players are still waiting to play OVerwatch 2.

This was not the desired way to mark the launch of Overwatch 2 and improvements are expected later in the day, but the start of the game is marked by this unfortunate occurrence.

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Today was the day long awaited by thousands of players, the day of the arrival of Overwatch 2, which was immediately marked by the down of the servers due to a DDoS attack.

Blizzard president Mike Ybarra said the company is working hard to restore the servers.

“Unfortunately we are experiencing a massive DDoS attack on our servers. The teams are working hard to mitigate / manage. This is causing a lot of downtime / connection issues.”

“The teams are working hard on the Overwatch 2 server problems. We are honored by the enthusiasm of the players and will continue to focus on the problems and entertain the players! Thanks for your patience.”

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Today became known Overwatch 2 microtransactions start at $ 4.99 and go up to $ 99.99.

There are currently 5 Overwatch 2 Virtual Currency packages and the cheapest one with 500 Overwatch Coins costs 4.99 euros. The 1000 coin pack costs € 9.99, the 2000 coin pack costs € 19.99, the 5000 coin pack costs € 49.99, and the 10,000 coin pack costs € 99.99 (includes 1600 extra coins).

Overwatch 2 launched today as an early access title for Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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