VIDEO. The lady of the company Elita Drāke has been living in the forest for a year, all alone

Elita Dräke at different times

Attractive lady of society Elita Drakevisiting the “When They Meet” program reveals that she has lived away from the rest of society for a year and is absolutely happy.

Elita says these are all “karmic things” because she has long since realized that everything she attaches to after a while is taken away from her and causes pain: “Everything that I attach to is taken away from me. .. my husband, he was taken away. I cling to the child, he turns 14, I have to let him go again … And that was the problem. “

“But now it’s all great!” – she continues, I discovered that she has been living alone for a year, away from society.

“I absolutely got out of my comfort zone, for the first time in my life. I lived in the forest, alone, exactly one year. I talked to cranes, swans, herons. I feel completely like a child of the forest,” she says. Elita, who wrote a book about her life this year, which will appear on bookstore shelves very soon. She does not want to reveal the name yet, because “then everything will be clear”.

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