Overcoming Depression: A Comprehensive Approach to Self-care and Traditional Chinese Medicine Recommendations

Overcoming Depression: A Comprehensive Approach to Self-care and Traditional Chinese Medicine Recommendations

Depression has become a very common emotional illness in modern times. (Shutterstock)

Editor’s note: Depression is a cold of the soul. If necessary, you need to seek professional help, such as a doctor or psychological consultation. You must also know how to take care of yourself so that you can gradually get out of the dark valley of life. Chinese medicine practitioners recommend starting from three aspects: avoiding triggering factors in daily life, drinking anti-depressant tea, and massaging acupoints to calm the mind, so as to improve depression.

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The causes of depression are complex, and both physiological and social factors may have an impact. Therefore, you can pay more attention to avoid triggering factors in your daily life.

1. Maintain a regular daily routine, do not stay up late or go to bed late, and ensure 6 to 8 hours of sleep every day.

2. Develop exercise habits. You should exercise for at least 15 minutes every day. Walking, yoga, Baduanjin, Tai Chi, etc. are all very good exercises for stabilizing the autonomic nervous system. Arrange outdoor activities for at least three days a week and get more sunshine, which can promote the body to produce happy serotonin.

3. Develop interests and expertise, arrange activities or join clubs every day, and do what you like.

4. Pay attention to a balanced diet, eat more foods containing vitamins B, C, and E, and avoid foods containing sugar or caffeine.

5. Pay attention to emotional regulation and find ways to relieve stress that suit you (such as abdominal breathing, meditation, painting, music, etc.). You can establish your own trust group (family, friends or professionals), and seek external support in a timely manner if you have any problems.

Tea drinks improve depression, banana milkshake

1 banana (peeled), 100 ml sugar-free cheese, appropriate amount of frozen berries, 1 spoon of honey

● Practice
Peel the banana and put all other ingredients into a juicer and blend well before eating.

● Description
Bananas are fruits rich in serotonin and magnesium. Serotonin can help fight depression, and magnesium can eliminate fatigue and relieve anxiety. Bananas are very easy to absorb and contain rich dietary fiber, which can help digestion and improve gastrointestinal function. Berries provide vitamin C and antioxidant capacity. Banana and berries combine the two, which can supplement nutrition and enhance immunity. The other ingredients can supplement energy.

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Banana milkshake not only tastes sour and sweet, but also has a dreamy pink color that brightens your mood. It is a good drink that can not only supplement nutrition and prevent weight loss, but also is pleasing to the eye.

Modern medicine also believes that some emotional and mental problems are related to the concentration of calcium and magnesium in the body. Therefore, some people will eat chocolate when they are in a bad mood, because chocolate is rich in magnesium. So when they find that they like eating chocolate very much, it may be that the body has a need for the mineral “magnesium”. However, because chocolate contains high calories, it is not advisable to eat too much. , you can use two spoons of nuts instead of chocolate, because nuts also contain high magnesium content, which can suppress the desire for chocolate.

When the human body wants to exercise, it needs calcium to cause actin to exert force, and then magnesium is used to relax the actin. As the body moves, the muscles can contract and exert force. However, when magnesium is deficient, the muscles will spasm and cannot relax. ; Insufficient magnesium in the body will cause the brain to be unable to relax and cause insomnia; just like insomnia, when there is insufficient magnesium in the body, it will not be able to regulate nerve substances such as serotonin, leading to an increase in negative emotions such as anxiety and irritability in the brain. Many diseases can also cause fatigue, but taking magnesium supplements can ensure that fatigue is not caused by a lack of magnesium, because a lack of magnesium in the body will not allow ATP to produce energy, causing fatigue. Being easily itchy is also one of the symptoms of magnesium deficiency in the body. Without sufficient magnesium content, the touch-receptor nerve endings of the skin will be super excited, resulting in extreme sensitivity to slight skin contact and itch.

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Acupoint massage improves depression Zhizheng acupoint

Zhizheng point (provided by Jingguan Publishing House)

“Zheng” means that the small intestine meridian of the hand Taiyang is the main meridian, and a “branch” path comes out from this acupoint. The pulse energy goes from the small intestine meridian of the hand Taiyang to the heart meridian of the hand Shaoyin, so it is called “branch”. Zhizheng point is a collateral point on the small intestine meridian of the hand Taiyang. The Small Intestine meridian and the Heart meridian are in contact with each other, and this meridian runs separately from Shaoyin. Therefore, in addition to treating soreness in the forearm (yang side) or neck where this meridian passes, Zhizheng acupoint can also treat mental diseases of the Heart meridian, such as madness, nervousness, etc. Weakness etc.

● Method
It is a good choice to directly massage the acupuncture points and press the painful area or the area where the local muscles are tight and hard until you feel obvious soreness or local warmth. You can also use a hair dryer to warm the local area. Do it 3 to 5 times a day.

Laogong point

Laogong point (provided by Jingguan Publishing House)

Laogong point is the Ying point on the pericardial meridian of Hand Jueyin, and is also the “Ghost Cave point” of the Thirteen Ghost Points. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the pericardial meridian is a protective layer covering the surface of the heart, so it can assist the normal functioning of the heart. Lao, work. Palace, palace. The Ying point belongs to fire, and the Laogong point is named after the high-heat steam of the pericardial meridian drives the human body to provide labor. It has the effect of clearing the heart of fire, calming the mind, and releasing stress.

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The “Thirteen Ghost Acupoints” are the thirteen empirical acupoints used in ancient times to treat mental illnesses such as madness and Zheng Sheng. This is because the ancients believed that mental illnesses were caused by ghosts and evil spirits, which is also known as “Stuck in the Yin” in Taiwanese. , so the acupoints used to treat such diseases are called “ghost points”. The basic function of the thirteen ghost points is to awaken the mind and awaken the mind. It can also balance yin and yang, regulate qi and blood, and calm the mind and calm the mind. Therefore, the Laogong point has special effects on mental diseases.

Pressing and massaging the Laogong point and the Zhizheng point together can treat overwork, depression and restlessness. When you feel mentally exhausted or your palms are itchy or even sweaty, you can feel them immediately with just one press. of great power.

● Method
Directly massage the acupoints and apply local pressure on the painful areas or areas where local muscles are tight and hard until you feel obvious soreness or local warmth. You can also use a hair dryer to warm the local area. Do it 3 to 5 times a day.

“Let’s do this together to get rid of depression! Acupuncture points make your mood beautiful and get out your depression” demonstration video. (Provided by Crystal Crown Publishing House)

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